30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge: The dope(a)me Discipline

Tapas is sanskrit for heat, self-discipline, and self-restraint. It is the concept that reminds us that through dedication and commitment to our development, we breathe through the struggle and discomfort, to be blessed by the very thing that causes pain and suffering. 

We would not try to mold glass when it was cold, and we would not attempt to set new personal records without warming up first. We need heat to transform and create what was not there before. Our daily commitment and discipline when things get tough is what creates the change we want to see in our life. Of course, this change is easier when you have support, steps, and accountability.

This 30 day challenge has been designed to support you in learning about your self-discipline and commitment, in order to discover your balance and inner-strength. When we do what we say we are going to do, we build integrity and trust within ourselves and within the relationships we keep.  

What to expect if you register for this challenge:

  • 1 email every Sunday morning for four weeks
  • Prompt to set your own daily commitment that supports the change you want to see in your life (or simply something you want to try and explore)
  • A weekly theme that will support you in reconnecting with your purpose, your core-values, your community, and your open and present mindset.


Investment: $50

Reach out to marinmccue@gmail.com with questions or to register.