My name is Marin McCue and I see my failures, set-backs, mental health struggles, and the eventual overcoming and rebuilding of my foundation as all integral parts of my story. 

For those of you who want to hear more about who I am and what I have been through to shape my character and passion, listen to one of the podcasts above, or order my book Be The Change.

I lead by example with passion, vulnerability and creativity, to inspire myself and others to step into their unique contribution in the world. So that's why I am here, and that's what I intend to share with you ;).

Image by Mark Derry

Image by Mark Derry


Why "dope(a)me":

The name 'dope(a)me' came about over breakfast with my good friend and fellow spin motivator Andrew Obrecht ( I was excited about starting my own business and Andrew was offering support and advice. I went through the outline of what I was creating, and a big part of my vision has to do with empowering people to see how they can create the change they need or want in their life through daily intentional practice and support, including seeking out activities that produce our natural happy chemicals - like dopamine.  

My personal affinity for dopamine was enough for Andrew to jot down some notes and come up with the beautiful and bad-ass name dope(a)me. It resembles an equation, it symbolizes the value in knowing how to produce happy chemicals, and it implies that each one of us has our own unique journey to find our way to total contentment and clarity in our purpose.

Reach out for a consultation and I will happily share more about how the dope(a)me discipline can work for you. 

Any questions about me or what I offer, reach out to or venture through the website to learn more.