1 on 1 mind-body coaching

I teach, inspire, and lead people back into their bodies with a clear roadmap for gaining control in their life. With meditation and various embodiment practices, you can retrain your Nervous System and find the calm and peace you desire.

Whether you are starting a business, growing a business, anticipating a big change, feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life’s obstacles, rebuilding or stepping away from a relationship, struggling with mental health afflictions, or preparing for any other life-shift that is keeping you up at night, a mind-body coaching program will help you navigate the terrain of growth in a mindful and wholehearted way.

  • Learn how to create and conserve quality energy

  • Learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness in a way that truly serves who and where YOU are now

  • Learn how to practice new routines to create new healthy habits

  • Learn how to show up as your best self in the areas of your life, and in the important relationships, that matter most to you

  • Learn how to calm yourself down or amp yourself up (be your own Nervous System Whisperer)

  • Learn about the complexities of the fascial system that is the wisdom and energy of your body

How does this work??

Step #1: We connect for a 30 minute FREE consult so we can get to know each other and I can become clear on exactly where you are and where you desire to be.

Step #2: We schedule a 3 hour intensive to create the space, energy, and clarity in direction you need for your journey. This step also includes a 30 minute follow-up to go through a personalized booklet/program I create for you based on what comes up in our 3 hour intensive. ($525 deposit prior to this immersive session).

Step #3: Either work through the personalized program on your own or we land on a personalized coaching relationship to support you with accountability and further coaching. (Full 6 session program total = $1775)

Reach out to let me know you are interested in exploring this further.


My philosophy:   

Where are you now and where do you desire to be headed? I can help you get there. I believe that with the right questions, support and accountability, change is possible for anyone and everyone. I would love to support you, your relationship, your team, your classroom, or your small business in designing your sustainable culture, creating structure to move through change or tough times, and tune-in to your innate love for learning, living, and contributing to your community. 

We are creatures of habit; accidental and intentional. With knowledge in how habits are formed, where our beliefs and self-talk comes from, and how to develop a connection in the mind-body and soul, we conserve and create quality energy. With that energy, we can step into a witness role where change and mindfulness becomes second-nature.

It is with compassion and mindful practice that we discover the pathway towards our deepest desires of feeling whole, happy, and aligned in purpose. We are not just what we eat, we are also what we think, perceive, experience, say, do and ingest through our senses from our external and internal environment.

We are relational beings and are more efficient and productive when we feel support and are held accountable. Whether you simply need a "tune-up" or are seeking a longer term support system to learn and be held accountable, I am here to get creative with you.

I know everyone works at different paces and are in different places, and I am here to meet you where you're at. Sessions with me include meditation, yoga (dependent on your wants and needs), goal setting and action plans, practices for calming the nervous system, and basic instruction and tools for understanding how your mind and body work. With a new relationship with self-discipline, purpose, and passion, we all are capable of living the best life possible. 

Whether it is a struggle with mental health, relationships, team dynamics, or simply goal setting and motivation tools, I support you to create the shift from stagnancy to momentum. Learn to shift your mindset and pursue big life and work goals. Start or grow your business by re-setting a foundation and putting more seats at the table.

Send me an email with questions - marinmccue@gmail.com

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