40 Day Challenge

The Path to Change: Connect, Create, and Clarity

This 40 Day Challenge has proven to be a huge success for those brave and committed individuals who have engaged in it so far. I know that change happens in phases. Sometimes we need hands-on coaching and accountability from a support system and other times we need to flow and live life with only our own intuition and guidance leading the way. This challenge is for those who feel the need to explore their self-discipline, engage in some radical self-love, and get curious about your mind-body connection. If you have the desire for an opportunity for change, are ready to push yourself to a new level, and want to do so with 10-60 minutes per day, it's time to reach out to me.  

This program is an opportunity for you to witness the power of the compound effect as you engage in simple daily routines that will elevate your self-talk to be more positive, self-loving, motivating, and compassionate. As part of my passion project to lead by example and support others in changing their relationship with Fear, Failure, Growth, and Purpose, this challenge is one more way for me to do that. 

What to expect if you register for this 40 day challenge....

  • A commitment of personal introspection and moving your body for - a total of - 10-60 minutes per day (more if you choose)
  • An email in your inbox every Sunday morning (for six weeks), with reflection questions for the past week, tools and support for the week ahead, and homework that will continue your growth and understanding of your mind, body, and the mind-body connection
  • Simple and impactful information, tools, challenges, inspiration, and support - following the format of: reflect, learn, practice, let go, and grow
  • One coaching session to talk through your results, your struggles, and your action steps to continue your momentum forward.


The 6 themes we will follow are at the foundation of creating and sustaining change. These were the core concepts that served me on my journey and have proven to be successful with the clients I have worked with. Your time, effort, dedication, and desire to explore and get curious about your Change is a must. But as I mentioned above, all it takes is 10 minutes per day. 


The 6 weeks will follow the below themes....

  • Connect (week 1 & 2)
  1. "Motion is Lotion" 
  2. Growth Mindset
  • Create (week 3 & 4)
  1. Self-Talk
  2. Happy Chemicals and Dope-Web
  • Clarity (week 5 & 6)
  1. Limiting Beliefs and Mission Statement
  2. Integration, Goals, and Passion Project

Investment: $75

If you are curious about participating and want to learn more, please reach out with questions or to confirm your registration at marinmccue@gmail.com