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 photo by Mark Derry

photo by Mark Derry




Lead by example with passion, vulnerability, and creativity, to inspire others to continually create positive change and sustain the impact they desire.


Where are you now and where do you desire to be headed? I can help you get there. Whether it is a struggle with mental health, relationships, team dynamics, or simply goal setting and motivation tools, I support you to create the shift from stagnancy to momentum. Learn to shift your mindset and pursue big life and work goals. Start or grow your business by re-setting a foundation and putting more seats at the table.

I believe that with the right questions, support and accountability, change is possible for anyone and everyone. I would love to support you, your relationship, your team, your classroom, or your small business in designing your sustainable culture, creating structure to move through change or tough times, and tune-in to your innate love for learning, living, and contributing to your community.