A little about me

My Philosophy:

I am deeply influenced by the work of many big thinkers, philosophers, authors, facilitators and entrepreneurs who have come before me and who are currently making waves in the world. While I have created a unique system that aligns with my experience and wisdom, I continue to learn, adapt and evolve as a coach.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in connection, empowerment, physical movement and co-created support. I have many tools and ideas to share and teach, but I also know that each client has their own knowing and wisdom that needs to be uncovered and trusted.

My goal is to always work myself out of the job. I want my clients to walk away with the skills needed to be a life-long goal setter, a coach in their own life, and a resilient and powerful individual who stands tall in alignment with their own core values, essence and purpose.  

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My background:

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I would like to say I have always felt this strong, this comfortable, and this resilient to the turbulent ride life can be, but that's not true. Looking back, I see strength, I see resilience, I see growth and learning, I see passion and a deep-rooted desire to be someone that makes a difference, but that's not how I felt while going through it. Life is fucking hard. We live moving forward, but we learn and grow by reflecting back. My past has many chapters, as does yours. My story picks up pace once I graduated from High School in 2004 and played division 1 basketball at San Diego State on a full ride scholarship. It was at this point in my life that I realized that having outward goals is not enough to create the happiness I was striving for. I had everything I had worked for, yet I hit the lowest point in my life. 

I came back to Canada and graduated from the University of Alberta in 2009 as a Philosophy Major (U of A being the fourth University I attended before I finally settled). While studying philosophy I developed a love for intentional introspection and playing with "formulas" that show how to create happiness, how to live a full life, how to change your mindset, and any other internal struggle (or curiosity) that sparked passionate interest. 

I began working at lululemon athletica a month after graduating and instantly loved the support system and the free access to any studio or gym anywhere in the world. This was the catalyst for my love of yoga, which I now teach and have embedded yoga philosophy roots in my coaching services. As a manager I became fascinated by the philosophy and psychology of leadership and how closely connected it is to what I learned as a leader on my sports teams. I began to study, practice, and implement these tools I was learning. 

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I was intrigued and drawn to the process of goal setting and goal coaching others, and soon became the go-to person for goal coaching. During my 6 years at lululemon, I conducted over 100 goal setting sessions, either 1 on 1 or in small groups. I began branching out and leading goal coaching for small businesses, sports teams, and clubs and loved my ability to get creative and build something unique that catered to each individual or group's needs and curiosities. What started as an intriguing opportunity at work had become my passion. I finally had an answer to this question that I had sat with for years: "If I could do anything all day and somehow make a living off of it, what would it be?" I had my 'fuck yes'. My answer: inspire people to reach their goals and live the life they want to lead. 

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That huge first step of finally knowing what I wanted to do with my life and having the tools and know-how to make it happen was such an exciting and motivating feeling. But it is only the first of many big leaps and learning's along this intentional and self-motivated path. It was February 2015 when I took the leap to start dope(a)me as a business and set out to create something new and adventurous as an entrepreneur. It has been a whirlwind and everyday I am grateful and excited about the life that I am leading.

Since the launch of my business, I have moved through countless workshops, seminars, courses and trainings to deepen my own healing and offerings to clients. And I don’t plan on stopping that learning trajectory anytime soon.

For more information about who I am or what I offer, continue perusing through my website, check out my book, or simply reach out (marinmccue@gmail.com).

I would love to connect. xox