I am truly passionate about supporting others in bringing out the best in themselves, by letting go of whatever is holding them back and tapping into the beauty and opportunity that is present in each moment. Each client is different and requires different support and challenges, but we all have the same underlying goal: To be Happy, to live with Purpose and Direction, and to gain Perspective and Resilience for when the going gets tough. 

Below are a few testimonials from recent clients.....


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Talia Benson -

People & Culture Specialist at INLIV Inc.

“My time working with Marin provided me with so many ways to view the world from a new perspective. I learned new concepts about the way in which my brain operates and the science behind why I am the way I am. I learned ways to be kinder to myself and how to recognize the events in my life as ways to learn and grow.”

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Meghan Perry

“I first met Marin at a day long workshop she was co-hosting. I went with a friend and had no idea what I was getting myself into. Afterwards, I knew I needed more of whatever it was that she unequivocally had. I immediately signed up for a private session, where we dug deep into the areas of my life in which I was struggling. These two sessions were the start of my wellness journey, and Marin's guidance has changed the way I live my life, making me more accountable, more present, and more aware of the choices I'm making. Her energy is infectious and uplifting, and she calls you on your bullshit. She's down to earth, realistic, and the brightest guiding light. I highly recommend Marin and all she has to offer to anyone looking to live with accountability, meaning, and truth.”

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Sarah McNaughton - Holistic Wellness Coach, www.thriivwellness.com

“Working with Marin was a dream come true. I was in a very difficult place trying to decide which path to take, knowing that I wanted to feel satisfied with my life and fulfilled by my day-to-day. I stumbled across Marin at a Babes Who Brunch event and everything that she addressed in her own life struggles was everything that I needed to hear.

When I met up with her she was full of energy and light and I knew that I wanted that for myself. Throughout the process it seemed overwhelming at first because I thought that there was no way that I would become as "perfect" as Marin, but what I loved most is how quickly she let me into her own life and let me know that she has her own struggles that she has to mindfully work through on a daily basis.

Now that we are done I feel confident and ready to take on new goals and dreams with the foundation that Marin and I have created. If you are unsure I would definitely recommend just meeting up with her, you won't regret it."

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Daphne Nahkid

“Working with Marin is an adventure, there will be good times filled with fun sessions and laughter. And there will be challenging moments when you are forced to be vulnerable and confront uncomfortable truths or responses that make you feel frustrated and angry. When I started working with Marin I felt lost and confused about where to go next in life. Marin’s coaching helped me lay a strong foundation of daily routines, discovering my values, exploring and re-writing my current belief system. Being coached is an intimate experience, and while it can be challenging at times, it is invaluable whether or not you decide to be fully engaged in the process. Marin makes the experience easy as you can count on her to always show up fully present and ready to support you. Marin provided me with many tools and showed me unconditional love, but ultimately it was my responsibility to follow through. Marin is an amazing role model and mentor who has had a lasting impact on my life and I would recommend her services to anyone who feels that they need some extra support or change in their life. Marin’s coaching services are worth every penny.”


Elisa Valade

“Marin was a source of inspiration to me when I first met her a few years ago. I admired her self-confidence, her upbeat energy and her effortless ability to connect with others. I recently became aware of her coaching services, and I immediately had an instinct to reach out to her during a time when I was feeling stuck and was unaware of the reason behind it – A truly excellent decision.

Marin has a natural ability to challenge, motivate and inspire people while maintaining a place of support and non-judgment. Through a series of fun, introspective and thought-provoking exercises, Marin helped me to increase my self-awareness, and tap into an important question that I sincerely believe we all would benefit from exploring: “What do I truly want for my life and how do I show up for myself each and every day in order to create it?”

Throughout our work so far, Marin has helped me to uncover important changes I have needed to acknowledge and act upon but have been too afraid to do so. As I continue to work with Marin, she is teaching me to push past my comfort zone, to challenge my self-doubts and to replace them with self-love, and to recognize and celebrate even the smallest wins of each day. Our work is helping me to tune in to myself and discover what I need to bring into my life in order to be the best version of myself. I can feel a shift in my energy levels as I commit to practicing self-acceptance and learn to hold myself accountable for my happiness. With the support of Marin’s coaching, I am gaining strength and self-confidence as I work towards my goals, and I look forward to continuing my transformation and unlocking my greatest potential."

 “I have worked with several Life Coaches in my past and felt like something was wrong with me because nothing seemed to work. I consistently struggle with negative self-talk, feelings of guilt for not appreciating what I have, and an overall sense that I am sleep-walking through life with a dark cloud above my head. The moment I met Marin I felt a different kind of connection. Her passion and joy for life is contagious, she leads by example in everything that she does, and opened my eyes to a new way of looking at my life and habits. Through a series of exercises, challenges, and conversations, Marin showed me how to build new habits, retrain my thought-patterns, and find my direction and purpose in life. I still have down days, and I occasionally catch myself in a negative head space, but now I have the TOOLS, the reminders, the inner-motivation, and the UNDERSTANDING of what is happening in my mind and body, and the importance of loving the struggle for what it is. 

Thank you Marin for opening my eyes, pushing me to be stronger, and for being beside me every step of the way,"


 “Marin McCue is a breath of fresh air. Recently, I went through a difficult period in my life (car accident, laid off, crazy roommate and dumped) all within a short time span. Things happen for a reason, and Marin came into my life at a time when I needed a bit of extra support.

Whether you have a goal you want to achieve, such as incorporating more positivity into your life, or overcome beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential, Marin offers the strategies needed to develop proactive and positive habits that build lasting life changes. In sessions with Marin she listens, doesn't judge and offers nothing but support. She goes above and beyond to support each client, customizing unique solutions to fit into your lifestyle. And there's a bonus: you get a workout in every session.

Not sure if you should hire Marin? Go for it. It is without a doubt that I recommend her."


“I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the dopeame program. I knew I was feeling a void in my day-to-day and that I was struggling to let go of relationships that I knew weren't adding value to my life, but that was it. What I walked away with after five weeks with Marin was far beyond what I could have imagined. 

Marin's words in our sessions were spoken with meaning. She is the epitome of passion when it comes to growth, development and well being. The assignments I was given sometimes made me uncomfortable (which is a good thing, don't be fooled!) and they didn't always reveal their meaning in the moment, but eventually it all started to click... And when it all starts to click, it's downright glorious. 

The nightly check-ins Marin does really helped to keep me on my game and pushed me to dig deep, even when I didn't want to. I got comfortable being uncomfortable and I can honestly say I feel different, physically and emotionally. 

The tools Marin provides you with go far beyond your time together. Listen, be open, be vulnerable and trust the process. I promise you, it is worth it."

"I had the pleasure of working with Marin for an extended period over the summer of 2015. When I met her I really had no idea what I was getting into - but I soon found out. 

Marin’s approach to growth is a unique and authentic one and I appreciated that. She soon gave me several tools and ways of thinking that I was able to use to immediately start pushing myself.

I highly recommend you connect with this lady, I will certainly be keeping her in my back pocket because I know she has so much more to give."

"Marin and I have been friends for years - I've always admired her upbeat, friendly and encouraging energy - but it wasn't until one spin class that I really decided it was time to get "on her program."

I recently moved cities, became self-employed, moved in with my significant other and submerged myself into a crazy, but fun, travel schedule - I was exhausted from running around, days just kept passing by - I was running a rat race! I was feeling guilty 24-7 for not spending my energy and days the wanted to and felt like I was letting people down with my hectic schedule that I just couldn't get a handle on...My mind and relationships began to deteriorate. 

In fours short weeks she taught me I could in fact train my mind to think things through differently - this new way was positive, uplifting and rewarding. Marin helped implement basic easy-to-do tools into my daily schedule and just like that I got control of my life again! The days started to count and I became responsible for my actions and stopped blaming others or situations for things being out of control - everything started to have a positive spin - and if it wasn't positive I was able to create positivity from it. 

I do believe four weeks is not long enough to actually change 29 years of prior programming - I will work again with Marin in the near future to make sure I continue my new healthy habits! I recommend Marin to anyone and everyone. It's great to have a coach in your corner, that your best interest at heart - that wants you to be happy and succeed in all areas of your life, not matter what your goals are!"

"The month of coaching with Marin came into my life when I was in need of creating massive change: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Having big dreams of what I desire in life, lead me to feel overwhelmed and unsure of my next step in life.

Through her daily support, mind boosting activities, purposeful play and powerful presence whenever we met, I was able to get clear on what I really want to achieve with my life and surround myself with healthy practices to take me there.

Marin showed up for me as a confidant, friend and mentor. She observed situations and routines without judgment and tapped into my inner knowing to find the best solution possible. I am so grateful for her wisdom and can-do-it attitude. Thank you Marin, from the bottom of my heart, for shining bright and paving the way for others to make the most of their one precious life!

Big love!!!"

“Marin is a rock star. Her 5-week coaching and goal setting work made me feel 100% on purpose and aware of my actions. Working with her helped me prioritize my passions, so that I am constantly living what I am working towards, rather than just waiting for a far-off outcome. I am more open-minded and growth-oriented for having engaged in her coaching and I feel better! This work has given me the confidence and courage to fully step into my life, and keep organized and happy doing it. Marin's also an excellent fitness companion and adventurer. We tried aerial yoga together and hung upside down and did savasana suspended in the air; talk about getting a different perspective! I would highly recommend Marin's support and coaching work to anyone who's interested in learning how mindfulness, daily routines, and goals can become an inspiring and uplifting part of your life." -

“After giving birth and battling a dose of postpartum, I was left feeling unconfident, defeated, anxious, confused and very sad.  It was not until I worked with Marin that I began to let the light shine in my life once again.  Marin helped guide me to love myself again, let go of perfection, accept myself, be more compassionate with myself and let go of ridiculous thought patterns that were nothing but anxiety and made up stories that I was telling myself, which was beating myself down.  She has an incredible way of making everything make sense from how the brain works, to how we interperate life's experiences, to ridiculous negative thought patterns that hold us back from reaching our true potential.  Marin has helped me restore my faith in myself, reset my goals and mindset and I now feel like I am fearless and unstoppable!  Thank you Marin."  

 “I've worked with Marin on two different occasions now. Her approach to coaching allows me to identify for myself the areas of my life I'd like to change, where I need more strength, and where I need to celebrate more. I appreciate her gentle but effective daily reminders while we were working together. She coached me in a way that was compatible with my personality, recognizing my need for encouragement, and respecting my need for time. I feel stronger, clearer, and more determined after working with Marin and highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling 'stuck' or who desires to reinvent their life, or who wants to feel more joy and success in general." 

“Prior to starting work with Marin in late 2015, I had met with and talked to over half a dozen coaches; however, once I met Marin, I knew that she was the right coach for me.  After working with Marin for over three months, I can definitely say I made the right choice and that she is an awesome coach!

Marin takes a very hands on approach to her coaching and gets really invested in her client's work and progress.  Whether it was offering to have me co-host a workshop with her, or suggesting and connecting me with many potential guests for my web show, Marin is always in my corner doing whatever she can to support and push me forward.

I also really like Marin's general life philosophy of adopting a growth mindset, and using our natural body and brain chemistry to really help increase our happiness and chances of success.  I think my biggest learning from working with Marin was the increased awareness of how negative story telling has often held me back, and from working with her, that is definitely a habit that is changing!

If you are looking for an incredibly positive, supportive and idea filled coach to have in your corner, look no further than Marin!"

“I started to see Marin at a time when I felt completely disconnected from my professional and personal life - my depression was creeping back into my everyday life, I had isolated myself from all personal connections and was losing control and sight of the career/business I had built. Having done my fair share of psychotherapy growing up, I was reluctant to go back to traditional therapy but I was also skeptical about 'coaching.' My sister is a psychologist and encouraged me to try a Mind-Body coach. She explained 'psychologists focus on the past, coaches focus on the future'. Marin and I started weekly sessions; her daily attention, knowledge and unique personal approach to every client's struggles helped me refocus my mind and energy and finding 'myself' again. Marin didn't make me feel as though I were broken and needed fixing, instead she empowered and helped me to tap into my already existing strengths. Marin is knowledgeable, compassionate and kind - I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her and can not recommend her enough!"

“I first met Marin at one of her ‘word of the year’ workshops. I was inspired by her words of wisdom and taken by her compassion and positive energy. It wasn’t until a year later when I reached out to Marin for some personal coaching. I was scattered and overwhelmed in all areas of my life; working full time, in school part time, trying to start a business and take care of myself with whatever time/energy I had left. Our main goal in working together was to help me with my business; however, what I got out of our sessions together far exceeded what I had expected. Marin truly goes above and beyond for her clients. I went from scattered to grounded and from overwhelmed to organized. She has an innate ability to recognize what you need and guides you to implement the necessary small changes that make a big difference in the flow of your life.  I not only learned a lot about building a small business, but I also gained tools necessary for personal growth, self-trust and self-acceptance to move forward with confidence and grace. I highly recommend Marin as a coach in whatever endeavor you pursue and I will most definitely hire her again in the future to take my business/personal growth to a new level."

“I could probably write a short novel about how my life has improved and the things I have learned while working with Marin, but I will summarize.

I have learned to focus my energy on the good things in my life, on what I want more of. I have learned that my struggles are opportunities to learn and grow. I have learned that I am worth it, that I have something important to contribute to the world.

Marin has helped me to become optimistic and hopeful about my life. Instead of dreading the future, I am looking forward to see what it will bring. I have a new found confidence to take control of my life and to make it into whatever I want it to be!"

“I started the dope(a)me coaching program at a time when I was feeling powerful and limitless. I have big goals but at the time, didn't feel like I had the tools or skills to fully pursue them. My time with Marin will forever be known as a pivotal moment in my life as it was when I learnt to be grateful for the good and embrace the ugly. Marin's approach and style allowed me to be fully vulnerable and helped me understand what I need to be thinking about and doing in the pursuit of happiness. The program provided me with many 'aha' moments and every session with Marin was enlightening. In hindsight, I am most thankful for the tools and skills I built as they have helped me through some the tougher times and I'm feeling resilient and grateful. 

With Marin, I felt that I was fully supported, fully believed in and totally capable to contribute so much to the world. Any time with Marin is special; a spin class, a coffee date and especially her coaching program. I'm grateful for all that Marin provided me and I'm elated to put some of my learnings to work. I honestly get giddy at the thought of others having the opportunity to learn what Marin shared with me. This program was an excellent investment and I've gained a life long confident cheerleader and friend."

“My experience working with Marin was one that I will never forget. She was the catalyst that I needed to spin my life back into motion after years of struggling to make some difficult changes in my life. I had been battling an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety for years. I felt completely hopeless before working with her. Her vulnerability, courage, and positivity was infectious, leaving me exhilarated after every session. With time, I felt my true, authentic self shining through. Marin pushed me out of my comfort zone, made a safe space for me to cry, and taught me to embrace some of the most challenging moments I’ve experienced. There are not enough words to express the admiration and love I have for her and all that she does for herself and others. The first step was asking her for help, and it was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Every day I choose myself, truly believing that my life is worth

Thank you for everything Marin."