Free or low-cost yoga and fitness classes/groups around yyc

Free or low-cost yoga and fitness classes/groups around yyc

Hey all,

I created a list like this a few months ago and received many notes thanking me for it. So, as we head into Spring, here is an updated list. Boutique studios don't need to be a huge financial commitment. Turn it into your way to give back to your community and try new things. If you know of any other free, donation, or low cost classes at local yyc studios or fitness meet-ups, let me know and I will add it to the list!

Enjoy xoxo



-Tuxedo Park Community Centre (202-29 ave NE), Yoga at 6pm, **free for now.

-UNDRCARD boxing, 730pm $15 donation class (to local charity)


*Summertime -The East Village, 12pm, Free Yoga

-The Outsiders Run Club – 630pm, free, Run and bootcamp (locations alternate, facebook)


-November Project, 613am, free at Memorial Stairs

*Summertime -Outdoor Yoga Calgary, 630pm, by donation, Riley Park


*Summertime -Mamakarma (prenatal/postnatal), 1130am in Riley Park, by donation


-LIV yoga & wellness, $10 drop-in at 430pm (Power Flow) and 545pm (Yang/Yin)

-Yoga Santosha (Mission), 545pm, $5 Yoga Groove

-Barre Body Ramsay, 6pm, $10 drop-in for charity

-The Yogis Den, 615pm, Gentle Flow $5 donation (11540 24th St SE)

-Yoga Dot Calm, 615pm $5 Funky Flow

-YYC Cycle 630pm (Kensington and marda loop), 650pm Avenida, $10 Give’r drop-in

-Breathe Hot Yoga, $10 drop-in, Avenida (flow) at 7pm, Nolan Hill (Hatha) at 730pm, McKenzie Towne (Flow) at 730pm

-Hot Shop Victoria Park (downtown), 745pm (min. $5 karma drop-in)

-Moksha Yoga North 8pm, min. $5 karma drop-in

-My Yoga Calgary, 8pm, $7 karma drop-in


-LIV yoga & wellness, $10 drop-in at 930am (Hips & Shoulders) and 1045am (flow)

-Yoga and Beyond, $5 min. karma flow, 11am (Kensington studio)

-LIV yoga & Wellness, $10 drop-in at 1230pm (Restorative)

-Barre Body Studio (Bow Trail) 1pm, Free Class

-Yoga in Bowness, 130pm *donation (intro to yoga)

-Yoga Santosha, 2pm free class sponsored by luluemon (Yoga 4 the People)

-Yoga Dot Calm, Foundation karma class by donation, 415pm

-Pure Hot Yoga (West End), 430pm karma class by donation


-My Yoga Calgary, 8am, $7 community class (9152 Macleod Trail SE)

-The Daily Method (Barre), Free 830am – taught by new, and in training, teachers

-Breathe Hot Yoga $10 drop-in, Avenida (Hatha) 830am, McKenzie Towne (flow) at 830am, Airdrie (flow) at 10am, Nolan Hill (flow) at 10am.

-Yoga and Beyond, $5 min. karma YIN, 1030am (Center Street Studio)

-Yoga Mandala, *by donation (karma), 1130am

-Outdoor Yoga Calgary, by donation at 1pm, Riley Park, *May 1-Oct 9 (

-Yoga Passage, 1230pm, Flow Karma class by donation

-Union Athletica, 130pm for $5, Warm Flow

-Rumble Boxing, 2pm FREE lululemon sponsored class

-Yoga Passage, 4-530pm, $5 Traditional Yin

-Hot Shop (Victoria park), 6pm Flow, $5 min. drop-in


Get to know Nora Maskey

Get to know Nora Maskey