Get to know Nora Maskey

I met Nora Maskey just over two years ago, and she has taught, supported and uplifted me so much that I feel we have known each other for a lifetime. She was one of my teachers who I was trained as a Yoga Teacher from, she has opened herself up to my coaching services, she has mentored me in my own teaching, and she continues to be my teacher and friend. 

I asked Nora a few questions to dig a little deeper in who she is and I am privileged and excited to share what she had to say. If you know Nora, this will be a nice treat to hear her words. If you have not met Nora, I hope to inspire you to check out one of her many classes throughout the week and open yourself up to the years of wisdom and bountiful energy of love and passion she so generously shares with others. 

Check out her website here....

1. What gets you up in the morning?

I get excited by the opportunity to learn and grow. Each day offers renewed possibilities to learn more about those things I am passionate about, not to mention learning more about life and myself, too!


 2. What is your morning routine to tap into your ideal mindset?

Having a tendency towards introversion, I spend a couple of hours by myself in the mornings. I sit and contemplate, read, journal what I'm grateful for and have my breakfast in silence. This routine helps me feel grounded and present. Then I'm ready for my day! 


3. What was your biggest failure that turned into the best thing that ever happened to you?

This is a tough one and I would say it was not getting into grad school. It was a blow to my ego at the time, and a blessing because it led me down the path of teaching yoga instead of academics.  


4. What are three things most people don't know about you?

  • Just how introverted I truly am. All of my social awkwardness is really about being introverted. :-) I am in no way misanthropic. I do, however, require lots of quiet time or my social skills go off the rails!
  • I love live music and enjoy most genres, unless there is a peddle steel guitar in it (the sound of which sets my teeth on edge).
  • I love Scandinavian television series even though I'm not Scandinavian. Thanks, Netflix!


5. What are your goals this year?

My word of the year is "thrive", and that is my big picture goal - to explore all the ways I can thrive in body, mind and heart. I am also exploring ways in which I can better help others thrive as well. I hope to graduate this year from the biomechanics program I have been taking since Jan. 2016. Another goal this year is to create and launch online yoga and movement content for my website. Oh, and I also want to travel to Europe and/or the Arctic this year! 


6. What is your current struggle?

It's not very original! I struggle with balancing all the things I say "yes" to with my need for quiet time and I often over-schedule myself. See question 4 about my social awkwardness. :-) 


7. What reminder do YOU need to keep yourself motivated this week?

I remind myself to focus on who or what is in front of me. We only have the present moment, and when I remember this, I am a lot more focused and grounded! 


8. Where can we find you throughout your week?

I teach a number of yoga classes throughout the week and many weekends I have the privilege of leading yoga teacher trainings. I post my weekly schedule on my web site and FB.


9. Any big events this year you want to share about?

I'm looking forward to offering a weekend yoga retreat at Cross River Wilderness Centre, June 23-25.

THANKS NORA. So much love for you xoxoxo

**Picture: My group of yoga teacher graduates who spent one year together being taught, inspired, and guided by Nora Maskey and Alice Hong.