Free, Community, Karma, and low-cost yoga and workouts in yyc

Free, Community, Karma, and low-cost yoga and workouts in yyc

Hey yyc!

As a project to compile a list of free and affordable workouts for a High School I was teaching yoga at this past year, I reached out to the Calgary Yoga Community to get support. Once this was put together it was too good not to share. 

If you teach a class that is anything from Free-$10, please let me know and I will happily add you to this list. I will do my best to update this as classes end or shift, but a good rule of thumb would be to look up the website in question and confirm the time hasn't changed before you show up. 

A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a huge investment. You have a beautiful community of people waiting for you to show up and be a part of a mind-body movement. Happy Sweating!



  • Tuxedo Park Community Centre (202-29 ave NE), 6pm, **free for now. May go up to $5 donation in the near future



  • Funky Sage Yoga, 615am, MultiStyle Vinyasa Hot for $5
  • The East Village, 12pm, Free Yoga
  • The Outsiders Run Club – 630pm, free, Run and bootcamp (locations alternate, facebook)



  • November Project, 613am, free at Memorial Stairs
  • The Bodhi Tree - 12pm, $5 min. donation (75 minutes hot foundation class)
  • Anuja Girls - 6pm, free class for teens, at St Patricks Island
  • Shift. Outdoor Yoga, 630pm, by donation, Riley Park
  • Funky Sage Yoga, 830pm, Warm Restorative for $5



  • Mamakarma (The Bodhi Tree) (prenatal/postnatal), 1130am in Riley Park (for summer), by donation
  • Moksha Yoga North 8pm, $10 drop-in



  • Yoga in Sien Lok Park (by the bow), 12pm, $10 drop-in (Jenelle Kitto – for summer)
  • Yoga Santosha (Mission), 545pm, $5 Groove and Chill Community Class
  • The Yogis Den (SE), 615pm, Gentle Flow $5 donation (11540 24th St SE)
  • Yogadotcalm - 615pm, $5 Funky Flow
  • YYC Cycle 630pm (Kensington and Marda Loop), $10 Give’r drop-in (registration opens 24 hrs before class)
  • The Hot Shop (NW) - $5 Spin at 7:15pm
  • The Hot Shop (South) - $5 yoga at 8pm
  • Soul Hot Yoga (South), 730pm, $10 Vinyasa Flow
  • Hot Shop Victoria Park (downtown), 745pm (min. $5 karma drop-in)
  • Moksha Yoga North 8pm, min. $5 karma drop-in
  • My Yoga Calgary (Macleod Trail SE), 8pm, $7 karma drop-in
  • HotShop NW - 815pm yoga for $5



  • X Warrior Challenge, free (830am community bootcamp – summer - find on facebook)
  • Shift. Outdoor Yoga, 11am, by donation, Riley Park
  • Barre Body (Ramsey) 12pm, $10 charity class
  • Barre Body Studio (Bow Trail) 1pm, Free Class
  • The Hot Shop (NW and South)- 2pm, free spin courtesy of lululemon
  • Yoga Passage (downtown), 3pm (free lululemon community class)
  • Journey Yoga (Bridgeland), 4pm, $5 drop-in Karma
  • Funky Sage Yoga, 4pm, Vinyasa Hot Flow for $5
  • Yogadotcalm - 415pm, by donation, Foundations Karma class (75 mins)
  • Yoga and Beyond (Kensington), 7pm ($2-$10 drop-in)
  • All classes at LIV $10 on weekend



  • My Yoga Calgary, 8am, $7 Community Class (9152 Macleod Trail SE)
  • Soul Hot Yoga (South), 830am, $10 Warm Soul Sculpt
  • Heart of Ramsay Yoga, 1130am, $5 drop-in
  • Outdoor Yoga Calgary, 1pm, Stanley Park by donation
  • Yoga Passage, 1pm, Flow Karma Class by donation
  • The Hot Shop NW - 130pm free yoga courtesy of lululemon
  • Sanguine Yoga (NE), 2pm, min. $5 drop-in 
  • Yoga Passage, 4pm, $5 Traditional Yin
  • The Hot Shop (South) - 630pm free yoga courtesy of lululemon
  • All classes at LIV $10 on weekend


***Check out Little Lotus Children's Yoga for Parent N'Tot Yoga in the Park (for children 18 months to 3 years). Saturday and Sunday. Email for more details or to register. 



Mindful Mechanics - Kids Workshops

Mindful Mechanics - Kids Workshops

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