Mindful Mechanics - Kids Workshops

Mindful Mechanics is a project that has been in the works for a few months. My fellow collaborator, Akhila Wolfe, and I met in spin class at yyc cycle. Akhila had been coming to my class consistently for a few weeks, and approached me after one class to propose the idea of integrating yoga, mindfulness, and mechanical engineering for teens and tweens. 

What started as an inspiring conversation and several brainstorming sessions, soon became Mindful Mechanics. We have lead a few workshops so far that have allowed a lot of learning and the confidence that comes from positive feedback. We are excited to get this program running in schools, community centers, and clubs as we share our passion for bridging the gap between computer literacy and mindful movement. 

Created for the ages of 10-17, this workshop experience includes basics in yoga, mindfulness, alignment, the mind-body connection, as well as team work, patience, self-love, positive self-talk, creativity, and mechanical engineering with robotics.  

This fusion of robotics, yoga, and mindful movement uses humanoid robots to help illustrate the body-mind connection and proper alignment. We move our bodies at the start of the session and then get our students to program their robot to dance to music. 

These workshops will take place on...

***Single registration: $28

***3 session within one month: $75

Wednesday, July 13, 130-3pm

Wednesday, July 20, 130-3pm

Wednesday, July 27, 130-3pm


Wednesday, August 17, 130-3pm

Wednesday, August 24, 130-3pm

Wednesday, August 31, 130-3pm


Reach out if you have any questions. When you are ready to register, head to www.littlehippieskidsyoga.com

With questions or inquiries to schedule a session for your group, please reach out to marinmccue@gmail.com