Big things coming in 2016

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Posted: 10/27/2015

Published by: Katie Tetz

“ Create some clarity and direction before the whirlwind of December. ”





Last year Marin McCue started a Personal Coaching business,, so that she could not only live her own core values, but also support and coach others to live by theirs. 

“These concepts and tools are not mine to keep,” explains McCue. “When I share, support, and coach others in this process, it grows my own strength, wisdom, and clarity as well. To keep it to myself would diminish it.”

Marin created a year long “12 Step Process” to support whoever wants to come along for the ride and start their own inner-Evolution.

Do all of your breakups resemble one another? Do you consistently hold back at work, for fear of stepping on toes? Is every Monday the day that you’re finally going to start taking care of yourself?

It sure would be nice to let go of those self sabotaging behaviours and make a lasting change. The trouble is, sometimes these behaviours are sneaky and we don’t always realize how much they’re running our lives.

If you’re a self-development-virgin, Marin offers up a great place to start: “Get curious about what is going on inside of you. Ask yourself questions, write out quotes and ideas that spark your interest, reflect on your day by putting pen to paper, and fill a fresh notebook with tools, ideas, metaphors, ‘aha’ moments, quotes, inspiration, and motivation, so that you can engage with the world in a new way.”

Marin explains, “To learn and integrate new habits of thought and action, you must experience it for yourself. And not only experience it, you must take time to reflect and notice the changes and continued struggles. We are all different, we have unique programming in our brain’s that need to be uncovered, worked through, and let-go of.”

Leading up to the New Year, Marin created a November 30 Day Challenge along with a couple of workshops in December to support mindfulness and creativity through the busy Holiday season. 

Yep, December is coming whether you like it or not.

Why a 30 Day Challenge?

“It takes 21-50 days (depending on the person, the habit, lifestyle and wellness, and amount of time spent each day) of intentional daily practice to re-wire your brain and create a new habit,” says McCue. “November is a perfect time to shine some light on habits that you may have adopted that are not serving you, learn some tools and concepts to adopt new habits, and create some clarity and direction before the whirlwind of December. This 30 Day Challenge is not a big time commitment, but rather a commitment to injecting more focus and intention into your time.”

“This is also an opportunity for me to share what dope(a)me coaching is all about. Everyone learns differently and does best with various types of support. For some, this 30 Day Challenge is exactly what you need to spark your inner-motivator and create the change you want to see in your life. For others, this will be an introduction to my personal coaching techniques and perhaps you will want to engage in a 1 on 1 relationship with a unique and personalized program specifically for you. Either way, this challenge will open and expand your mind into new ways of perceiving the world around you, and the world inside of you.”

Reach out to Marin at if you’re interested in registering and getting a head start on your inner evolution. You’ll be way ahead of the game come January 1.