30 Day Challenge - start your evolYOUtion

I absolutely love 30 day challenges!! When I worked at lululemon I organized several 30 day challenges each year for my team, to keep them engaged, encourage them to connect with each other and get out into the community, and bring some fun and growth into their routine. 

My beautiful and inspiring friend Kelly Kaprowski (totsnsquats.com) reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to collaborate with her on creating a 30 day challenge for our clients. This got my wheels turning and reminded me of how much fun I had organizing these at lululemon. Unfortunately, Kelly's schedule picked up pace and she wasn't able to create this one with me, but we will be putting one together for January. And we may have a couple of other amazing collaborator's for that one, so stay tuned!

This coming Challenge is all about - what I have deemed - the four levels of personal growth. They are:  excavation, creation, elevation, and integration. In reality, they all happen simultaneously. For the sake of this challenge, we will work through each step week by week so that all participants get a solid feel for what this process looks like in action. 

Basically this challenge is an opportunity for me to reach more people and share my tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration for living the best and happiest life possible. Because it is by email and is not personalized for each individual, I can keep it at a low cost. 

I have an introduction email ready to be sent out to anyone who reaches out with interest for this challenge. There is no commitment until you send me your $20 registration fee, which then puts you on the official email list. 

So be brave, be bold, and send me an email requesting more information for this challenge. This is a great way to lighten your load before the busy holiday season. I hope to hear from you. xo