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Join Lucy Dunne (@dunnebells_) and I for a full day of inspiration, movement, and connection. We have designed this event to focus on YOU and your unique impact in this world. Come learn how to let go of what is not you (through guided meditation and self-inquiry) and allow your best-self to come to the surface (through new habits, sweat, and tangible reminders). When you understand how your mind and body works, how to retrain your brain through self-talk and intentional action, and the simple routines to engage in daily, the world becomes your oyster.  We believe we are all capable of massive contribution in this world and the more people we can support to find their light and keep it lit, the better off we all will be. 

All ages and fitness levels are welcome. We all can learn from each other and we would love to host a diverse and open group. All we need to have in common is a desire to grow and a curiosity for enlivening conversations and experiences.

Activities will include:

  • meditation
  • journalling
  • yoga
  • body weight fitness
  • mindful eating
  • goal setting
  • short seminars to teach and inspire
  • a bit of crafting so you leave with a tangible reminder

Is this Event for you:

Are you feeling stretched thin and in need of a day to restore your energy and reconnect with YOU?

Are you in search of your purpose?

Do you love new experiences and want to learn more about who you are and what lights you up?

Are you passionate about supporting and connecting with younger generations and eager to continue to learn and grow?

Do you want the tools and steps to create the life you desire?

Are you curious to know which voice to listen to and how to develop stronger intrinsic motivation?

Are you searching for bigger conversations within a community of like-minded people?

Are you passionate about growth and inspired to continue your journey to Evolve?

Did you say "Yes!" to any of these questions? You are in the right place and this event was created for you! We would love to have your commitment and support in spreading the word to other people in your life who need a boost in motivation, a reminder of their immense power, and a day of inspiration, fun and support. Let's make some magic together xoxo

Earlier Event: September 22
Run. Rock. Restore 2.0