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30 day challenge - the principles and the practice

Welcome to your 30 day challenge! Each week we will build our understanding and practice of the ancient principles the Yamas and Niyamas by being in contemplation and deliberate action. The purpose is not perfection, rather it is to develop our ability to see every moment as practice for the next moment.  

To create a solid foundation for this challenge, please read through my blog post that describes the yamas and niyamas, and details where they come from and their greater purpose, here.

Here is a brief recap of the concepts we focus on in this challenge....

Yamas – Our FOUR Principles (under the umbrella of Non-Violence and Benevolence)

The high-level purpose and intention of the yamas is one that produces non-violence while also actively engaging with compassion and benevolence. There is no perfect balance here, it is a give and take, push and pull, inhale and exhale, as you play with these ways of showing up in the world.

  1. Truthfulness (Non-Deceiving, Vulnerability, Updated and Current Beliefs, Real versus Nice, True North Alignment (aligned with personal Core Values)
  2. Non-Excess (Moderation, Balance, Content, Full, Be Connected, The Middle Way)
  3. Non-Stealing (Be Capable, Creativity, Independent, Give without Expectation)
  4. Non-Possessiveness (Freedom, Intimacy without Attachment, Adaptive)

Niyamas – Our FOUR concepts to Practice (under the umbrella of Self-Discipline and Effort & Surrender)

The nature of being in practice requires a commitment of self-discipline. Growth happens when we put in the work by being self-motivated and internally-directed.

  1. Purity (Light, Clean, Organized, Structure and Strategy, Complete, Zeigarnik Effect (we remember unfinished business better than finished business), Peace, Detox, Sweat, Alignment, Receptive)
  2. Contentment (Be Here Now, Gratitude, Happiness is an Inside Job, Mindfulness, Accept What Is)
  3. Self-Study (Reflection, Observe without Judgement, Awareness, Growth Mindset, Know Your Mind and Body, Listen, Evolve)
  4. Devotion/Dedication (Something Bigger than You, Trust, Purpose, Passion, Spirituality)


Our goal is to understand these concepts collectively as we integrate them into our life. It is important to see these as a practice and allow space and time for trial and error. As well, we will further the integration process in conversation and exploration with others.

What to expect:

1.      A weekly email, starting on July 1, that will set you up with what you need for the week ahead, including the points detailed below.

2.      An open and ongoing conversation with Marin to support and answer your questions as you move through this challenge

3.      Reflection questions to ponder daily, nightly, or just at the start or end of the week (your choice in how much you want to engage on a daily basis)

4.      A prompt for a specific style of yoga or meditation to engage in every day, or as often as you can in the week

5.      A morning routine that involves setting your Intention for the day (pulling insights and concepts from the Yamas and Niyamas)


What you need to get started:

·       a notebook and pen

·       a schedule for the next 30 days to write out your reminders (when to check email, when to be in reflection and inquiry and when to just be in the practice of living with intention)

Want more information? Send me an email with your questions. Otherwise, send me an etransfer for $31.50 and join me for this month long exploration!


"Real change requires a combination of Being and Doing. Being, which represents the path of the spiritual seeker, stems from ending our inner wars, freeing ourselves from the judgments and limitations of the ego, radiating love, and being the change we wish to see in the world. It's about ending the story of separation and inviting those who participate in the system to make kind, compassionate choices, trusting that real change starts with accepting the world as it is, seeing perfection in it, and then practicing love as an invitation to others to step into their higher selves. 

But Being without Doing risks keeping love in a theoretical realm, a safe realm where it isn't tested and developed by encounters with the world. Moreover, we are not separate beings. To exist is to relate. Sooner or later, this state of peaceful Being naturally leads to Doing, stemming not from righteousness or moral outrage but from love." Lissa Rankin

Ask questions. Get curious. Practice. Play. Explore. Grow.

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