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The Innovative Mindset

Join me for this free community event at the downtown Calgary Library. We will be discussing on a panel some personal stories and learnings around failure. Check out the link to register below and the write-up featuring why I am included on this panel. So excited and honored to be a part of this. I would love to see you there!


Inspiring others through stories of failure.

June 2018 | By Heather Watson

Marin is one of those mystical humans that walks through life healing everyone she interacts with. An everyday conversation with her is like a warm hug, a therapy session, and life coaching all at once. 

She embodies the ethos that you have to know failure in order to succeed, and it is clear that she has taken all of the struggles in life that she has gone through to build tools and tricks for herself to make the best of every day. Even better, Marin's life is now dedicated to sharing those learnings with the world.

Even before she began formally sharing her wisdom through coaching and writing, Marin was running goal-setting workshops like a boss. I was a (somewhat skeptical) participant in one of those early goal-coaching sessions. At the time, while I struggled to fill in blanks about where I wanted to be three, five, and 10 years down the road, neither Marin or I knew that she would be extracting from me predictions of where my life would take me.

Years later, it was a pleasure to reflect on that session and sit down with her book; it was as though it was meant for me in the exact moment that I was reading it. 

At the same time, part way through I had the impression that she didn't write the book for me, but rather for herself. In fact, she says so explicitly later in the book, sharing that writing was a cathartic release and a documentation of her journey. She has written to inspire, rather than instruct, and her purpose came across beautifully.

Marin tells her story in a way that is deeply personal, but still allows others to see parallels to their own experiences. Whether someone is struggling with mental illness, or through a period of failure, or supporting a friend or family member, Marin's story is invaluable.

My biggest insights from Marin's story are:

  1. To remember to concentrate life's activities on the things that make you feel great, whatever that is for you. 
  2. Recognizing hard days and having tools to remind you to fuel your soul and recognize bad cycles of behavior. 
  3. Understanding that it is easy to misinterpret the struggles that other people face and how they manifest externally. Reading her story was a reminder not to take things personally, or to judge people's intentions without understanding what they may be fighting inside.

Marin's story captures that life is about constantly failing, forgiving yourself, and trying to be better.