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Open House: Free Workshops at LIV

Join us for the LIV Open House event January 13-15, 2017. We are offering free thirty minute workshops that will introduce you to interesting topics and provide useful information to stay healthy and happy this new year. See list of workshops below.

We are also offering 3 free classes and 6 free classes for new clients from January 13-15. So grab a friend who's new to LIV and bring them to your favorite class. Start off the year with a focus on wellness!

I will be leading a free 30 minute workshop on the Yamas and Niyamas on Sunday (15th) at 330pm. This workshop is a peak at the full workshop (Feb 5) at LIV. In this 30 minute workshop we will discuss the why, what, and how of the first two limbs of Yoga, the principles of Non-Harm and Benevolence (Yamas) and the practice of self-discipline through effort and surrender (Niyamas). 

At 415pm, Jenelle Kitto and I will lead the Ready, Set, Goals workshop. This is the start of the 28 Day Challenge being offered and a beautiful introduction to developing the mindset of a goal setter. 

Come be a part of this beautiful gift and community we have cultivated at LIV yoga + wellness. Sign up on the website to reserve your spot. 



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