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The Mind-Body Movement **Collab with Brandedyyc


"Our chief want in life is someone who will make us do what we can" Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have goals, moments of complete bliss, ideas and inspirations that hit us and move us to action. We also struggle, breakdown, and fight against internal resistance that puts fear into our mind - fear of being small and fear of playing big. 

What is this about? How can we harness our energy and create the life we can feel is burning inside of us? 

Over the last couple of months, I have hosted Candlelight Yoga and Goal Setting at the Branded HQ. The energy, feedback, and connection that has grown from this project, got me thinking....what's next? Anybody can set goals, but what truly stops us from living the life we want to create? This question sent me into inquiry and creation mode, from which I put together this three session series to inspire you to be the leader you want to be in your own life. 

This series that has been created to be enjoyed in sequence, but can be experienced as a single session to receive the benefits at a smaller scale. Through one hour of yoga and one hour of self-development, we will explore the mind-body connection. Our yoga practice will be beginner/intermediate level. Expect music you'll want to groove to.  

Our self-development sessions will follow the steps...

  1. How to handle set-backs (March 20, 7-9pm)
  2. Strengthen your inner-motivator (April 17, 7-9pm)
  3. Create your Passion Project (May 15, 7-9pm)

How to Handle Set-Backs (March 20)

Conversation and tools to change your relationship with fear, failure, comparisons, and stress. Why struggles and failures are actually the best thing that may have ever happened to you. And walk away with tools, ideas, and structure in how to retrain your thought patterns when the waves of life get you gripping to stay on-board. 

Strengthen Your Inner-Motivator (April 17)

Learn about the Happy Chemicals that fuel you daily and how to create a system that brings more of these Happy Chemicals into your life. Let's talk about what "resistance" really is and how to overcome the obstacles we put in our own way. Lastly, learn how to create a healthy and simple routine to build momentum.

Passion Projects (May 15)

We all have a calling to do something. We get a skip in our step engaging in some kind of conversation with ourselves or with the world around us. We find pure joy in moving our bodies to sweat and connect with our breath.  Whether you want to finally make that baby book or start a community collective of some kind, learn to hear the voice that is calling you to action. We will revisit the main points from the previous two sessions, align with Core Values and a Personal Mission Statement, and explore what it takes to have an impact and create your legacy. 


You can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, and the majority of the group work is solo, as this journey is yours to lead. But I do hope to inspire conversation, introspection, and self-curiosity, so a desire to learn and connect is encouraged.

Let the Mind-Body Movement begin! xo

Earlier Event: February 21
Candle Light Yoga & Goals