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When: Saturday September 26, 6-9pm

Where: yyc cycle Kensington; 1117B Kensington Road N.W.

This workshop is all about harnessing the motivation and inspiration you feel in spin class and taking it to the next level. We all have had those moments in life where you feel limitless, unstoppable, motivated into action, yet at ease and content with allowing things to unfold. It's the magical sweet spot that breeds creativity and collaboration while keeping you grounded and inspired by where you are and where you want to be. 

My goal in this workshop is to help you find that feeling and then break it down to understand what is happening in your mind and body, how to keep the feeling for as long as possible, and how to re-find it when you lose it. 

We will start the workshop on the spin bikes for a 50 minute sweat session. From there, the group will wipe down and change into something dry to lounge in and come together to tap into their core values, life vision, and a brief session on happiness and obstacles. The group will get to set some goals and spend some time with intentional, powerful, and uplifting language to write out reminders for themselves to look back on in the near future when they need it most. 

Some snacks and drink will be provided, as well as a little arts and crafts time and supplies to have an inspirational piece of art to take home. 

Email the studio to reserve your bike now! ($20 to reserve a bike, and $20 upon arrival for the event; $40 total for this three hour magic-making workshop)

Please bring:

  • Spin Clothes
  • Comfy clothes to change into after spin
  • notebook and pen
  • cup or mug (for tea) *I'll have cups as well but I am always looking for ways to reduce waste
  • $20 for second half of registration at the door (I can take cash or credit)


Reach out if you have any questions, Otherwise, take the leap and register for this event. Your future self will thank you xo

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