photo by Mark Derry

photo by Mark Derry

Testimonial: “...With Marin, I felt that I was fully supported, fully believed in and totally capable to contribute so much to the world. Any time with Marin is special; a spin class, a coffee date and especially her coaching program.”

Welcome to dope(a)me

Are you ready to expand your mind and strengthen your mind-body connection?

Are you on the cusp of a transition or currently sitting in the space between goals?

Are you craving a breakthrough, new habits, or a fresh perspective??

Welcome to dope(a)me: I teach people how to heal themselves and optimize their mental health. Read through my blog, workshop offerings, one on one and group coaching offerings, and reach out with inquiries. I would love to work with you.

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My Mission: Lead by example with passion, vulnerability, and creativity, to inspire others to get back into their bodies and step into their unique contribution in the world.

Testimonial:  “...Marin has helped me to become optimistic and hopeful about my life. Instead of dreading the future, I am looking forward to see what it will bring. I have a new found confidence to take control of my life and to make it into whatever I want it to be!”

Get a notebook and pen, it's time to grow... 


Testimonial: “My experience working with Marin is one I will never forget. She was the catalyst that I needed to spin my life back into motion after years of struggling to make some difficult changes in my life....”


photo by Wasif Mahmood

photo by Wasif Mahmood

Testimonial: “I have learned to focus my energy on the good things in my life, on what I want more of. I have learned that my struggles are opportunities to learn and grow. I have learned that I am worth it, that I have something important to contribute to the world.”
Testimonial: ”Marin didn’t make me feel as though I were broken and needed fixing, instead she empowered and helped me to tap into my already existing strengths. Marin is knowledgeable, compassionate and kind - I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her and can not recommend her enough!”


Testimonial: “...If you are looking for an incredibly positive, supportive and idea filled coach to have in your corner, look no further than Marin!”