Workshops and Coaching for Teens

1 on 1

As someone who struggled quite a bit as a teenager, I am passionate about doing what I can to support others in growing through the teen years gracefully. The same concepts I use for my adult clients are great resources and tools for all ages. 

If you are curious about what a coaching program can look like for a teen in your life, please reach out to me and we can have a conversation. 


Group Workshop


Mindful Mechanics is a passion project and collaboration with my friend Akhila Wolfe (bio below). 



What is this about?

We are combining our love for computer programming, creativity, and the art and science of robotics, with mindfulness, movement, and positive self-talk. Through an interactive experience of engaging with the robots, learning about the mind-body connection, and the beginning steps of coding - with the goal of creating a unique dance sequence for the robot to perform - our participants will be gaining many life skills. 

Our goal:

Teach teens (ages 10-17) yoga basics, the importance of movement, how to live a mindful life, patience, self-love, team work, computer programming, and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.


How will we do this?

  • 1 hour introductory workshop. In groups of 8-16 participants, this one hour session is an opportunity to get to know us and what this program will look like. For the classroom, community hall, yoga studio, or any other open space conducive for group work. For now we are only scheduling by group and will need to work with you to schedule a space, if you don't have one in mind. Reach out if you are curious to learn more about this introductory workshop. 
  • 3 sessions over 3 weeks, 90 minutes each. Learn the foundation of yoga with a focus on breath, alignment, and focus, and then take those lessons to program your robot to move to music. 
  • 6 sessions over 6 weeks, 90 minutes each. This series will allow us to go deeper with our participants, as we learn about positive self-talk, self-love, team work, the important of movement and sweat, happy chemicals, and computer programming. 


If you are interested in learning more about this project or to schedule a session with your group, please reach out to me,


Meet Akhila Wolfe, MSc. & BEd.

I am a chemical and environmental scientist, teacher and coding enthusiast.  I began my journey as a

public school teacher and fell in love with computer programming in my next stage of life as a scientist.  I

have collaborated with an international community of scientists to develop tools and data that help us

understand the chemical composition of the atmosphere.  Now my passion for teaching has combined

with my love for science and technology to put me on a new trajectory.  Improving lives and helping

people gain comfort with technology is what gets me out of bed every single morning!  I am currently a

managing partner and “Duchess of Technology” at P@ndamonium Early Learning.