• Corporate Wellness - 4 Pillars of Stress Resiliency (lunch n learn)

  • Sports Team Leadership Development and Mental Health Strength Training

  • Small Business Leadership Development and Mental Health Strength Training

  • Classroom

  • Gatherings of Individuals in the name of health and wellness

I love the challenge of creating a unique experience based on a groups needs. From fun team bonding to conflict resolution to mindfulness, my goal is to create positive mindset shifts through experiential learning and tangible tools to practice.

We are only as strong as the relationships we keep, and when everyone is aware of how the brain operates and what they can do to practice showing up as their best self every day, productivity and job-love increases! Whether you have a specific issue in need of being addressed or simply want to build team morale and culture, I can support you in one session or create a longer term relationship of connection, support and unique culture development. 

At work, at home, on a team, within your family, or at school, I am passionate about getting a group of people to come together as they learn and grow in their own personal world's as well as the collective space they share. 


To give you an idea of workshops and sessions, here are some themes I have created and facilitated:

Goal-Setter Mindset

Whether you are in need of some team-building or simply want to add some personal development and connection in your team/community, learning the art and mindset of goal setting is a great way to make that happen. In a 2-3 hour interactive session, we talk about.....

  • Awareness, Consciousness, and Habits,

  • Growth Mindset,

  • Creating change/building new pathways,

  • Accountability,

  • Tangible Tools to put into practice,

  • Brain health,

  • Fear and Beliefs,

  • Goals and Actions.

You choose what is most relevant to your group, and I will do the rest. Each workshop I facilitate will be slightly different, to ensure repeat clients can attend several workshops and leave with new tools, inspiration, goals, and motivation.

*Cost subject to change based on needs of the group 


Create your Mission Statement

What do you stand for? What is your purpose? What do you want your legacy to be? These questions and more will guide your group through an interactive workshop to realign, discover, and/or create a personal Mission Statement. Once the statement is ready, each participant gets a blank canvas, all the art supplies you could need, and support in turning their statement into a piece of art. Not only do you connect with your inner-motivator, but you leave with a piece of unique art to remind you of what you are working for in life. 




The Mind-Body Movement

"Our chief want in life is someone who will make us do what we can" Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all have goals, moments of complete bliss, ideas and inspirations that hit us and move us to action. We also struggle, breakdown, and fight against internal resistance that puts fear into our mind - fear of being small and fear of playing big. 

What is this about? How can we harness our energy and create the life we can feel is burning inside of us? 

This series that has been created to be enjoyed in a three step process or in a one evening event with all three steps combined. 

Through one hour of yoga followed by the self-development session, we will explore the mind-body connection. Our yoga practice will be beginner/intermediate level. Expect music you'll want to groove to.  

Our self-development sessions will follow the steps...

  1. How to Handle Set-Backs

  2. How to Strengthen your Inner-Motivator

  3. How to Create your Passion Project

Email me at marinmccue@gmail.com with questions or to schedule your team workshop.