Do you feel like you have massive potential yet are stuck in the space between KNOWING what you need and actually DOING what it takes to change?

Will-power is not a line you cross, it is a practice and a road you take.

WELCOME to dope(a)me coaching


My Mission

I teach people how to slow down (thoughts, movements, brain waves and breath), retrain their brain, and tap into the innate healer within. It is time to optimize your mental and physical health so you can be fit for your unique contribution in the world.

Want more? You can start calming your nervous system down on a daily basis by noticing the sensation of hyperarousal (anxiety) and hypoarousal (shutdown) with embodied mindfulness. Watch this 5 minute video to learn about The Window of Tolerance (Daniel Siegal’s term from Mindsight), and how to practice your way into your optimal state.



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“Marin has helped me to become optimistic and hopeful about my life. Instead of dreading the future, I am looking forward to see what it will bring. I have a new found confidence to take control of my life and to make it into whatever I want it to be!”

Budding Fashion Designer

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“Our main goal in working together was to help me with my business; however, what I got out of our sessions together far exceeded what I had expected. Marin truly goes above and beyond for her clients. I went from scattered to grounded and overwhelmed to organized. She has an innate ability to recognize what you need and guides you to implement the necessary small changes that make a big difference in the flow of your life. I not only learned a lot about building a small business, but I also gained tools necessary for personal growth, self-trust and self-acceptance to move forward with confidence and grace. “


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"Marin’s approach to growth is a unique and authentic one and I appreciated that. She soon gave me several tools and ways of thinking that I was able to use to immediately start pushing myself.

I highly recommend you connect with this lady, I will certainly be keeping her in my back pocket because I know she has so much more to give."


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“I first met Marin at a yoga class. My silent reverie was interrupted upon Marin's entrance, her smile lit up the room and she brought in with her an energy that got us up and going. She took my appreciation of yoga to a new level of physicality focused on movement and joy. My second level of engaging with Marin was when I undertook one-on-one coaching with her. She revealed an ability to model awareness, honesty, and vulnerability that compelled me to do the same as we reflected on our current state and future intentions. And finally, I am grateful to be part of exploring the philosophy of yoga and more, both in her workshops and as a reviewer of her marvelous book. Marin has helped me evolve in thought, connections and to be moving, always moving.”

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“When I started coaching sessions with Marin my life was in a huge amount of transition. I had a lot going on between family, nursing school and a full time job. Marin helped me get over so many mental obstacles that were holding me back. I got into a morning and evening routine that truly changed my life! It was so helpful, and now a whole year later I still rely on my routine to help me through stressful weeks. I really can’t say enough good things about this special, creative and inspiring woman. Get a coffee with her and see for yourself!”

Currently a practicing LPN, pursing a degree in Public Health



"Marin's genuine care for her clients shows every single day. She taught me so much in such a short-amount of time and I would highly recommend Marin to anyone considering working with her."

MBA Student at U of T