The dope(a)me discipline 21 day challenge - starts the first Sunday of each month. A simple and effective way to develop the habit of a morning routine. Once you have the space and energy from a consistent morning routine, you have what you need for any change you desire.

The Four Pillars of Stress Resiliency - an 8 week program. Hosted twice a year, in October and March. This program is for those who want a deeper dive into retraining their nervous system and self-talk patterns to be conducive to the change they desire. An immersive experience over a short period of time, to give you access to everything you need to understand how your mind and body works, and what you can do to optimize your mental and physical health in simple and tangible daily steps.

Welcome to the evolUtion program - a 6 month immersive experience that will guide you into a sustainable rhythm and an on-going growth trajectory. Hosted once a year, January to July. This program is for those who have dabbled in personal development and are ready to take their commitment to the next level. A one-on-one coaching experience within a group coaching format.