Welcome to the evolUtion program

What holds you back? What makes you hesitate before you speak your truth, show up in your truth, or make bold leaps towards what your heart desires? When was the last time you felt truly free? You have everything you need already inside of you, and this program is designed to support you in your journey of tapping into and living into your unique contribution in the world.

Who we are is so much more than what we do, how we feel, or what we think or say. We have depths and layers of our being, and when we integrate and connect with our wholeness, we have everything we need to step into our full power.

If you have ever felt what I have, you are curious and in search of tools and understanding to shift your life in a new direction, to find your own sense of meaning, and sustain the process of growth. Perhaps a longing for something you have never seen before, or glimpsed it once and have a desire for more. While it is vital to learn and expand by ingesting new experiences and new information, real change sets in when we get our WHOLE system on board so that we are not continuously throwing up roadblocks or reverting back to stunted parts of ourselves.

Through mindful and deliberate practice, we can untie the knots in the mind and body. Online or off-line, this program gives you access to group mentoring focused zoom calls, monthly module booklets, podcast library, and one-on-one individualized support. Together we connect with the knowledge, steps, tools, and support systems that allow a revolution of consciousness, and more people who are physically and mentally FIT for their unique contribution in this world.

This program runs annually, and is already full for the 2019 (January to July) cohort.

If you are interested in cohort #2, send me an email and I will send you details and an application.

Keep making magic together ;)