This is my story of struggle and triumph as I faced my toxic relationship with food, my turmoil with religion, my obsession and debilitating relationship with death, and my extreme negative self-talk that was my “normal” for most of my life. Ultimately, this is the story of how I practiced my way into a new state of being.

Mental Health affects us all. I have learned that when I share from my heart and create a conversation around meaning, purpose, freedom, tools, exercises and how to practice, we all benefit and evolve into the best version of ourselves. With support and leading by example, I pave the way for you to re-frame your life's story to become a source of power and growth. We all have a story, and when we retrain our brain to align with our core - rather than who we have been habituated, programmed or traumatized into being - we get to create a unique impact that is our privilege and birth right. Welcome to my Hero's Journey.