How to Grow through Compulsions

How to Grow through Compulsions


We all have moments, days, or years that bring us face to face with the powerful force of our emotions. Our emotions are pointing in a direction for us to explore and discover more about who we are, how we have learned from past experience, and where our current dis-ease is getting in the way of our living. Compulsions are the result of deep emotional wounds that were too much to process properly and in a healthy way in our first encounter. And each time that wound is touched, it can feel like a tsunami rolling in. Sometimes this will send you into addiction and other times it can create patterns of disconnection and self-harm as you live from the belief that it is not safe to stay in your body.

This ebook speaks to what is going on beneath the surface of compulsions, and how to shift your relationship with your inner-world so that you can reintegrate these parts of you that are stunted, scared, and in need of loving attention.

I would love to take this conversation further with you if needed or wanted. And this ebook if the perfect place to start. Enjoy ;)

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