Shari's Berries

I have connected with the lovely creative power behind Shari's Berrie's  and am happy to feature one of the heart-warming blog posts that can be found on her website. I wanted to help spread her good vibes and get to know the person behind the message. Below is a link to the blog post being referred to, as well as a Q & A to learn more about who and why Shari's Berries exists. Enjoy ;)


Shari’s Berries has compiled 15 of these ideas into a shareable infographic that serves as a perfect guide on how to cheer up a friend. The benefits of helping others go both ways - a great byproduct of selflessness is self-fulfillment. Be the person that your friend needs, your presence and intentions mean a lot more to them than you realize.  

We all have days that are less than ideal, but sometimes things happen that seem to have such an adverse effect on our day. Seeing someone that you care about be upset is almost worse than being upset ourselves, because we lack control over the situation.

But you do have the power to make a positive impact on someone else’s day. The first step is just being there for this person, listening to them and sharing your positive energy. When talking it out isn't enough, there are a variety of ways to get your friend out of their rut and turn their day around.


1. What is your elevator pitch behind what you do?

I love to create content and music that has a positive impact on people.


2. Where do you live? What are three random facts about you?

I live in San Diego. I love sports, but have torn my ACL twice playing soccer. I am thinking about getting a sommelier accreditation. I love traveling and studied abroad last summer in Italy, ciao!


3. What is a practice that you are in daily?

I practice self-awareness- I try to practice meditation and exercise every day.


4. What has been a big learning you’ve landed on in the past three months?

That you can’t wait for someone to give you an opportunity you have to cultivate them yourself.


5. What is your website, instagram, Twitter, and/or any other form of connection with you?