Reflect and Manifest

Here we are. The end of 2018 creeping towards us, and another opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow. I have found myself feeling a little scattered these past few days. The fun and distractions of the holiday season coupled with my excitement and planning for the many big projects for 2019, has left me feeling a bit ungrounded. What I have learned about this feeling and state of being is that when I slow down and make sure that I am tying up loose ends and putting things to bed that are no longer needed, suddenly I have the space and energy I need for moving upwards and onwards. Not only that, but the simple act of taking time to edit/adjust your perspective to see your learnings and insights, and direct your attention towards what you truly desire, gets your whole mind and body on-board with what you want to create. Law of Attraction is not magic, it is neuroscience. Your awareness or attention is nourishment; it grows whatever it focuses on, whether it’s the weeds or the flowers. Let’s acknowledge and learn from the weeds, and spend time and attention nourishing and growing the flowers. So that is what we will do together, because it feels a lot more fun when you are not alone in the process.

happy + healthy + connected

Pull out a pen and paper, or start a new word doc and let’s get crafting and manifesting!

What did your experiences in 2018 teach you? What lessons have you landed on?

2018 was a big year of studentship, healing, and trusting. I completed my 300 hr yoga TT, a Yoga Life Coaching course, Yoga Nidra training, I started teaching more variety of fitness classes, and my book Be The Change reached it’s one year anniversary of publication with just under 1000 copies out in the world! There was also a lot of mental health struggles in the close circle of family and friends around me, and I became even more motivated to be a force of mental health strength training in this world. This is the year that I officially overcame my eating disorder tendencies, as the final piece of the puzzle the VOICE IN MY HEAD, changed. I released the final bits of trauma from my past and can now reflect on my life with neutrality, no longer riddled with emotional charges.

My beautiful soulful friend  Sanja Avramovic

My beautiful soulful friend Sanja Avramovic

This year brought me closer to spirit. I can now read books that talk about GOD without cringing or crossing out the word with the replacement “universal consciousness.” I am deeply enthralled by my spiritual practices and have learned the power of stillness and softness. My word for this year was UNFOLD. It was a constant reminder to be in the practice of surrender. This intention brought me into many amazing experiences that opened my mind and body in ways I had never experienced before. I was more willing to be uncomfortable. I was ready to face the darkness and meet it with light.

My meditation practice deepened, and I recommitted to a sleep routine to ensure I was giving my body what it needs to live a long and bountiful life. I now have a depth of understanding around Morning Routines, and the many tools that can be utilized to start the day with connection and purpose. I am more motivated than ever to stay the course of this inner-work and am in love with the experiences this life is affording me.

What are you curious to learn more about in 2019?

For me, I am increasingly more fascinated with mindful embodiment and FASCIA! I have been exploring more ways of working with trauma in our bodies, and I know there is a lot in the fascial system to learn from. I have my eye on some workshops by Christine Wushke.

simplify + minimalism + peace

I also want to continue reading, writing and experiencing Nature and Mother Earth in general. Whether that takes me on hikes or serves as a simple reminder to step outside in the morning rather than stay in doors until I have to leave, the more fresh air and expansive earth and sky I witness, the better. More natural health remedies, nutrition and mindful eating. And lastly, marketing and business development. I have applied for the ATB program for entrepreneurs. Fingers crossed I get in ;)

Lastly, I have been in the practice of minimalism, in many ways, this year. I challenged myself to not buy any clothing for one year, and while I did end up buying a couple essentials (winter boots and jacket), I am proud to say that I have kept this pretty steady since March 23. This has also prompted some more curiosity around the “dream home” that I have had in mind for many years. I am starting to realize that this “dream” was planted in my mind at a young age because of what I made it mean and saw others idolizing around me. To me, the dream home was a sign of success and freedom. It was this shiny, new material item that I never questioned as something that I didn’t actually need or want. This year I have become more aware in what I actually want, and more STUFF is not on that list. So I am curious to continue exploring what I am actually working towards and to let go of any stress or worry about money because I have what I need to survive and live and travel, and this dream home I thought I wanted is slipping out of my mind and creating more space for what truly matters to me.  

Goals and aspirations.

Shout it from the rooftops and you’re more likely to make it happen!

Alright, here is where the magic happens. I am calling in the power of everyone on the path of self-actualization, expansive consciousness, and the deepening of mental health strength training, to join me in this work and hold me accountable in whatever way serves you as well.

This is the year for my business to truly take off! I am running my first group coaching program and have every intention to record and automate the program so that it can be archived and offered to absolutely anyone at anytime, whenever they want to get started. The module themes and content are aligned with how to be physically and mentally FIT for your unique contribution in the world, and I am thrilled to be in a position to deliver and facilitate this program.

team work + group coaching + stronger together

To continue my own growth and development while working as a leader, I will enroll myself in at least 3 programs/workshops this year.

I am also officially starting book #2! This has been the goal for a while, but I didn’t want to rush the process. I am now ready and am so excited to share the next phase of my development and inquiry.

flow + arrow

I am working with my wonderful friend and collaborator Lucy Dunne on our project Flow + Arrow, and we will be hosting 3-4 day long or weekend long retreats this year. Our first one is February 9 and we would LOVE to have you join us! These day long/weekend long retreats are the start of a big vision we have together, and my goal this year is to create amazing experiences that will have a substantial impact on those who attend.

I am also taking on a bigger role with Evolve Retreat Co. and BOLD Athlete, and I want to support these two companies to become the best they can be.

I am excited to be partnering up with GoodPin, and will be choosing one of my fitness classes each month to be a Charity Class. Giving back to the community and supporting the energy of charitable giving is very important to me. GoodPin is an amazing local company that makes that easy! Once a month I will donate $50 to one lucky person in attendance at my class, so that they can go onto goodpin and choose a charity to donate to.

2019 is going to be huge and I know that taking care of myself and my connections with others is going to be vital.

What’s it going to take? What is your daily commitment(s)?

In my book Be The Change, near the end, I talk about The Goal Setter Mindset. This was a big transformation in my thinking about goals, and it continues to shift as I grow and evolve. Basically, rather than obsessing about your goals or getting overwhelmed by how big they feel or far off they seem, it is best to focus on the daily steps that add up to huge change.

Now that you have some clarity in what you want to learn, create, focus on, and accomplish this year, what does that look like on a daily basis?

For me, I will stick with the template of the Goal Setter Mindset, but will change the focus or perspective of each step to serve who and where I am now.

  1. Connect: First thing in the morning, get grounded to mother earth, open to father sky, and connect with breath. Check-in with current state and energy, and discern what flavor of morning routine would serve where I am and what kind of day I have ahead of me.

connect + grounded

2. Learn: Read a few pages from a book I am working through, or re-read sections of books I have transcribed into files on my laptop, or ask and answer high quality questions to learn from my own insights and information regurgitation

learn + grow

3. Let Go: Be in the practice of creating space and tuning into neutrality. Inspired by Paul Selig’s work; repeat...“I am here. I am here. I am here. I am free. I am free. I am free.”

celebrate + let go + freedom

4. Grow: Get uncomfortable. Practice inversions, chin ups, arm balances and the splits. Get my toughest task done right away. Choose a theme that can serve those who show up for my public classes that embodies the work I am deeply curious about and inspired by. Commit to ten minutes a day of writing/working on my book!

be the change

5. Reflect: Every night, take a few minutes to check-in and discern what I need to come back to balance. Put pen to paper and organize thoughts and actions so that my mind is clear and ready for rest.

reflect + nightly routine

I would love to hear what you come up with and how these reflection questions served your own process of reflecting on 2018 and setting yourself up for 2019. We are stronger together ;)

Here is the link to my website with my workshops for 2019 so far. Let’s connect!

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