We are all capable of so much more than we realize. Not only do we have limited access to the depth and breadth of our brain's capability moment to moment, we also are creatures of habit. We fall into cycles and patterns due to the relative comfortable nature these habits offer, even though they may not serve who we are and where we desire to be. 

"Orenda" is an Iroqious word to describe the belief in a supernatural force, present in varying degrees, in all people and objects in this world. It is the power behind all great accomplishment as we discover our ability to effect change in ourselves and in others. 

Perhaps you have experienced a peak-state before. When time seems to disappear, motivation takes over, energy seems plentiful and nourishing, and you connect to a deep and innate wisdom rather than being attached and influenced by the roller-coaster ride your mind-chatter tends to take you on. It is a feeling of immense power, trust, and belief in your ability to create and grow through every twist and turn in life. It is a force that elevates you and those around you. With this kind of personal power and desire to bring positive impact into the world, amazing things can happen.

It is something we all share as human beings, and while some seem to access it and other's do not, we are all capable and it is our duty to uncover, unleash, and elevate ourselves into this version of self we are destined to be. 

The Orenda Movement is dedicated to support anyone and everyone to understand and tune into this innate power. It is your birth-right and it is a habit to form. With tools, support, practice, inspiration, and a like-minded community all working towards a similar goal (i.e. Personal Power), not only will you discover your own Orenda, you will also learn how to nourish it and integrate it into your current life. 

Curious to learn more? Reach out with questions, join our faacebook group and conversation, and stay tuned for events and articles created and released to further our journey in cultivating a relationship with Orenda xoxox