--Morning Musings--

It's easy to get caught up in the story telling of the monkey mind. It's persuasive to see the world through the lens of judgments, comparisons, and self doubt. It's seductive to assume you are the center of the universe and everything happens for a cosmic reason beyond your control. It's addictive to fall into patterns of self talk that allow fear to build walls of protection around our psyche that is full of limiting beliefs. 

I am not interested in playing in that world. I am intrigued to rise above. It's possible and liberating to step outside the impulsive monkey mind and into a state of flow where contentment, efficiency, creativity, and alignment in purpose unite and you get to feel unstoppable and unshakable. I have experienced the immense power and joy of letting go of my ego and tuning into the higher vibration of consciousness that connects us all.

I want to know more about living in flow; the state in which I effortlessly move from one moment to the next with an open mind and a resilient heart. The state in which I can empathize and connect with all around me while staying grounded and powerful in my own perception of the world. The state in which I experience what life is offering and can fully participate in the possibilities created around me. 

Every morning I sit for a few minutes of meditation to find this state. Once I tap into it, it becomes easier to find it throughout the day. I sit to witness my inner environment and observe the direction of my mind chatter. I sit and focus on bringing more awareness to the space in between thoughts and the pause in between breaths. I connect with this vast reservoir of energy that is beyond the impulsive reactions of my subconscious. I see my mind chatter for what it is, a meaning making machine that is trying desperately to make sense of the emotional pendulum swing my subconscious creates with chemicals reacting to my environment. 

I do not want to lose touch with my emotions or my lived experience of connecting with others around me, but I also do not want to be so influenced by my environment that I lose control of my own perception and energetic contribution in this world. So I sit, and breathe, and connect with my higher purpose of balance, grounded-ness, and gratitude. I sit and feel the flow of energy moving through me, generating emotional reactions and thoughts. I witness the machine doing its thing and see that I am much more than those reactions, emotions and thoughts. 

I am the flow. I am the space in between thoughts and breath. I am the grounded being witnessing the magic of the human machine. I am the one behind the scenes, observing and course-correcting with divine precision. I am open, clear, ready to receive the gift of my next breath and the opportunity in the present moment. I am. I am. I am.

Today I express gratitude for the beauty of FLOW and I intend to allow that energy to guide me as I show up, breathe, hold space, listen and contribute to life one conscious moment at a time.