Meet Andrea Saliba


Andrea Saliba is a powerhouse. We met online, as she leads a busy and beautiful life in Vancouver BC. As many of you know, I struggled for many years with an eating disorder, depression and anxiety, and I am so inspired by people like Andrea who aim to encourage others to lead the healthiest life possible both mentally and physically.

Mother to three beautiful kids and a boss-babe running her own nutrition and health coaching business, you got to check this chick out ;)


1. What gets you up in the morning?

  •  My kids are a huge motivation for me. What I do, how I act and how I start my day is setting the tone for them and leading an example. 


2. What is your morning routine to tap into your ideal mindset?

  •  Every morning, I wake up at 5:30am before anyone else and I meditate for 10-15 min. I focus on what I am grateful for, how I want my day to go and on my future goals.

It really has been life changing for me and something I tell all my clients to do also.


3. What was your biggest failure that turned into the best thing that ever happened to you?

  •  I prefer to call them bumps along the road. Each mistake has made me stronger and actually has brought me closer to my spiritual side to which I can now use in my practice.


4. What are three things most people don’t know about you?

  •   I have a crazy sweet tooth; that YES, I do occasionally indulge!
  •   I have suffered from anxiety in the past 
  •   I am very direct and to the point. No beating around the bushes.


5. What are your goals this year?

  • My goals this year is meet new people who need my service. Id love to reach out and help more people towards getting their health on track. 


6. What is your current struggle?

  • I have been finding it difficult to balance my work, education and being a Mom/Wife. I feel pulled into many directions but ultimately, my family always comes first. 


7. What reminder do YOU need to keep yourself motivated this week?

  • A beautiful quote I saw the other day reminds me to keep moving forward, it goes; “That beautiful flower was once a tiny seed dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, & struggled to reach the light. Don’t give up. Keep growing.” -unknown 


8. Where can we find you throughout the week?

  • Usually at the gym either workout for myself or instructing others and coaching clients.


9. What do you specialize in as a coach? 

  • I specialize in creating meal and lifestyle plans for clients that want to see real change in their lives. This is a customized plan and not a 'Fad' diet. This is learning to incorporate the tools needed to see real results that are life long. 


10. What does your coaching program entail (whatever details you would like to share)?

  • I offer meal plans, 1-on-1 coaching, guided grocery shopping and hosting events. 


11. What is one of the coolest things you have learned about nutrition recently?

  • I have found that how the mind and body are connected very interesting and empowering.