Meet Sally - get to know her wholistic ways

Meet my friend Sally ;). She is a passionate, hard-working, creative, loving, wholistic and medically educated, and a modern-day mama. A committed practice to leading by example, she makes a living educating and supporting others to live their best lives. Read below to get to know what makes this chick so successful and full of life. xoxox


1. What gets you up in the morning?

Literally speaking, my son or the sun :-) 

I have always been a morning person. I'm so eager to start the day. Where I used to wake up and hit the ground running, as a mama I've seen how my kids and I all benefit from grounding before the day starts. And it's that routine - breath work, gratitude practice, mindfully preparing and mindfully eating nourishing food and beverages -- that I so look forward to sharing with them and myself every morning!


2. What is your morning routine to tap into your ideal mindset?

Wake to a natural alarm clock around 5:30/6am. NEVER to a cell phone. In fact they aren't allowed on the second floor of our home where the bedrooms are. I wake early to have time to practice mindfulness meditation (often a body scan in bed, or a seated meditation in my meditation space, using essential oils to serve the mood and body sensations of the morning) before my 2 toddlers are up. If my toddler son has snuck into the bed and wakes when I do, I guide our body scan aloud in the bed, stretch out of bed, get dressed. Then we go to the kitchen to mindfully prepare a nourishing mood+food therapy based meal (having good quality fats, plant based protein, and carbs) represented on a plate or in the blender! We have dimmer lights on in the morning to gently adjust to the start of a new day.


3. What was your biggest failure that turned into the best thing that ever happened to you?

Hmmmm, in my third year of undergrad I had to drop out. I developed a panic disorder and depression. It was the best thing that ever happened to me as it led me to a closer relationship to my dad -- a life long meditator and martial arts instructor who started a masters in psychology but left it to return to the family farm. I had been very grounded just from being in the same environment as him growing up. After all, groundedness is contagious! But I didn't have a meditation practice. So when I moved away for university, I didn't have his presence - literally and figuratively. It was tough, and I didn't have the coping mechanisms of breath work and mindfulness meditation in my tool box of skills. Over the phone, he guided me through breath work exercises and visualizations and meditations. I felt empowered -- I was able to no longer rely on medication after a period of meditation practice. I returned to school the following semester after failing out feeling I had made a major win by overcoming a massive obstacle. When I look back today, I literally would not have come to the field of psychology and the specialization of mindfulness based interventions if it had not been for that semester of dropping out of university.


4. What are three things most people don't know about you?

I was a TV reporter, my dad was a farmer, I have advanced education in wine and spirits. 


5. What are your goals this year?

Complete my books to help families be more playful AND mindful! 


6. What is your current struggle?

Not getting caught up in the keeping up with the insta-jones' online. I'm a mom, a writer, a yoga teacher, a competitive athlete, psychologist, etc, etc, you get, I got a lot going on. Spending precious time perusing instagram thinking "I should be doing this" or "Oh I'm missing out on that" or "why aren't I involved in that project" just doesn't serve me. But I too need reminding of that. Not every event and get together needs to be posted about! There's magic in the unshared/unknown!


7. What reminder do YOU need to keep yourself motivated this week?

That I'm helping people help themselves, even when I can't manage to see them all in the course of a week like I'd like to! 


8. Where can we find you throughout your week?

Aside from running my private practice out of my home and out of the space that will be opening below Junction 9, I help with a research study at the Alberta Children's Hospital. I also spend a lot of my time in the community, connecting and creating relationships and events. From food spots to fitness spots. 

FOOD SPOTS: Definitely in the kitchen with my kiddos and local farmer's markets or organic grocers, and trying out new cafes!

MINDBODY SPOTS: On my bench in my home meditation space or teaching at a local meditation centre (modern+mindful YYC), teaching and running my practice at Wymbin below Junction 9 (opening March 2017), on my mat at Pure Hot Yoga, on the turf at my husband's gym (2110 Fitness), on the track at the local recreation centre by my house, or on a trail in the local area or our home in Montana.


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