SUCCESS - what is it really?

As a coach and fitness teacher on contract, you can imagine that every day in my life looks different. I changed the way I operate in this world by letting go of my steady and consistent job so that I had the space and time to create my own business. I left the world of a predictable paycheck and into the world of uncertainty and endless possibilities. I absolutely love operating in this new dimension and am invigorated by the challenge of making the most of everyday in the best way that I can.

Something that has become more clear to me in the past week is my unintentional transfer of "old" beliefs into this new way of operating. For example, the term Success has been shaking up inside of me, in need of a new meaning.

I used to see success as a result of impeccable execution. I saw success in my ability to get a promotion, earn a bonus, and close down shop in an efficient manner so that we could all wake up and do it all over again the next day. What I have noticed is that when I am busy, creating and executing workshops, writing and publishing, meeting new clients and supporting current clients to have breakthroughs, and seeing an influx in my income, I am programmed to feel successful. But on the days or weeks that I slow down, where I don't connect as much with clients or receive emails of interest or referrals, when I don't tap into a creative flow to write or create, when I don't succeed in cultivating an environment for breakthroughs, or when my income rests at a point that is not sustainable long-term, I am programmed to feel unsuccessful. But I need to call bull-shit.

As part of my unfolding in 2017, I am taking inventory on these stale limiting beliefs that are not serving me. I am served when I believe in my ability, when I conserve and create positive energy, and when I focus on my effort more than the fluctuating outcome.

With that in mind, I choose to explore what my definition of success is and will write this out so that I can remind and repeat these thoughts until they become my new way of Being. 

What is "Success"; i.e. I know I had a successful day when I...:

  • Move to music and work up a sweat (moving to music)
  • Either make money or plant seeds in the direction of something that has the potential to make money
  • Make progress in my own understanding and interplay between my conscious and subconscious patterns and habits
  • Follow my own "rules" for life, create and edit as I go, and always remember that nobody is perfect.

Success is a mindset. As long as you spend less money than you make, you will be ok. As long as you have a deep sense of purpose and a WHY behind your actions, you can do almost anything. Whatever you focus on, you create more of. Choose abundance, confidence, creativity, and trust that your unique impact in this world creates ripple effects. It's time to tap into your inner-wisdom and march to the beat of your own drum. 

How do you define Success in your life? I'd love to hear ;)