What's the most important thing?

This question has been on my mind a lot lately; what is the most important thing? As I engage with myself and support my clients to learn and grow themselves, I continue to circle back to this question. The process of self-development is a lifestyle. As soon as I uncover a layer of limiting beliefs or unhealthy habits, I discover more work to be done. This cyclical nature then brings in the importance of balance. We can't be always striving, digging in, creating change, and curious about everything around us. There is also the need for accepting things as they are, surrendering to what is, and being present and full in this moment right now. 

I am brought back to a concept I learned in Yoga Teacher Training, called SPANDA. Spanda refers to the life pulse of collective consciousness which is the creator of life itself. It is the heart beat, the vibration, the give and take, the push and pull, and the expansion and retraction of all things simultaneously. This concept is a beautiful example of what it takes to live in balance, as balance is always shifting and never static. To be balanced we must be present with our breath and aware of the signals calling us to move forward or step back. The balance point can move as quickly as an inhale becomes an exhale or as slowly as a flower blooms. From my experience thus far, I see my balance point transitioning at a slower rate as I become more aligned and attuned to what my mind and body need.  

Spanda translates as "to move a little". I love this reminder of avoiding the extremes in general. I grew up as an athlete and fed off phrases like "hard core", "be extreme", "beast mode", and similar concepts that optimize an extreme lifestyle. Part of my "undoing" is to notice this habit of craving extremes, and allowing myself to sit in the discomfort of moving slower. When I rush from one thing to the next, I do not enjoy what I am doing as much. Everything becomes a chore, a potential check-mark on my to-do list, rather than an opportunity to engage with whatever each moment presents. 

So, this brings me back to my question, what is the most important thing? I am hesitant to say Balance. I feel as though that is not enough. My search for simplicity in a complicated and diverse world is not an easy task. I am tempted to list off 5 or 6 concepts to answer the question of what's most important, but that defeats the purpose as well. 

Perhaps the answer is the question itself. Perhaps the evolution of self and change of the inner-landscape calls for introspection daily to uncover what is most important for today. I am not done playing with this. I am on to something. What do you think?