The evolution of SELF

I have been falling in love with life more and more each day. I discovered Lissa Rankin (author, healer, beautiful soul a month ago and the timing of her magical mentor-ship has cracked my heart and mind open into a new realm. As I sat this morning, reading her book (The Fear Cure), reflecting on the revelations I have had this past weekend in my relationship, prepping for my Candlelight Yoga event this Sunday evening (, working on the course The Path to Change outline and yoga sequences (Starts April 3 - check workshops scheduled for more details), and taking notes for client sessions coming up, I became overwhelmed with happiness and the need to express my latest evolution of SELF.  

The books I have been reading, the conversations I have had, the people I surround myself with, the fears and insecurities I have leaned into to understand and let-go of, and the mistakes and do-overs I have allowed myself to swim through in my work and in my relationships, have all brought so much more peace and beauty into my life. I love that I can see my areas of improvement without judgement or shame. I stay curious, open, and excited about the growth and discovery I am uncovering. I save my precious energy for the things I can control, and I let go and detach from focusing on the uncertainties or the things in which I have no power. I cry without feeling helpless. I celebrate without worry that the moment will end. I love without knowing what tomorrow brings. I create without fear that I won't be seen or received. I just am. I just breathe. I just connect, play, show up, and trust that each moment is full and complete when my eyes are open and my mind is present. I still stumble. I still breakdown and have to remind myself to practice self-care or have a difficult conversation. But I do this with conscious curiosity. 

I strive to DO less to leave space for more time inward. I feel and lean into the fears and struggles that grab for my attention. What adversities are you facing? What growth are they offering you to explore? Soften your heart, let go of judgement. Detach from the need to know, the need to be perfect. Allow yourself to be raw, open, grateful, and connected to the whispers and the calls to action.

What is your grief teaching you? What are you resisting? We can morph and change inwardly and outwardly when we live with intention, purpose, and vulnerability. When we detach from control and realize we only have a right to our effort, to our reflection, to our choices in how we show up. Say yes to second chances, say yes to do-overs, say yes to taking risks and letting pain remake you into who you are meant to be.

Life is messy, unpredictable, and ever-changing. No job is secure, no family is untouched by tragedy, and no soul is safe from heart ache and loss. Focus on your breath. Speak your truth. Lean into the moments that are uncomfortable, confusing, and bring up fears, and ask your divine consciousness - whether that be God, the Universe, your inner pilot light - what you are to learn from this.

Stay open. Stay receptive. Stop resisting life. Accept what is now in order to use your precious energy into forward momentum of new and healthy habits.Love life for the tragic and beautiful journey that it is. Surround yourself with people that speak your inspiring language. Put pen to paper. Practice self-love, compassion, and connection. And most importantly, leave this world a little better than you found it each morning you wake up. 

Happy soul-searching beautiful people. Reach out if you feel called to xoxo