Get creative with your Reminders

Being busy can be a blessing, but it can be many other things as well. Sometimes, being busy will take you away from what your heart desires most. Being busy can get you swept up in drama; falling into the emotional pendulum swings as you become more tired and irritable. But being busy with growth-minded thoughts, actions, relationships, learning, experiences, and love can be the best gift you could ever receive in this lifetime. To find balance between these extremes of "busy-ness" we need to fuel our minds and bodies and develop reminders and pathways to tap into our unique inner-evolution. 

While I have found success with an appropriately displayed sticky-note, expressive art on my walls, or daily-reminder alarm in my phone, in my experience, these routes lose their luster quickly. They melt into the background and become another thing in my life I glance over due to familiarity. It is not that these reminders are ineffective, they just aren't enough.

We are creatures of habit. We get used to anything and everything, for better or for worse. When we can cultivate our ability to be mindful and aware of how thoughts create reality, it becomes clear that a deeper connection and relationship with our 'thoughts' is a valuable pursuit. To create change in the world, we need to step into the full-capability as unique human beings.

In order to continue reminding myself of my passion for growth and the joy and contentment it comes with, I reached out to a special someone in my life who I was excited to support. My friend Krista owns and creates her life daily through her business Chalice Grove. Krista and I are kindred spirits and have encouraged and cheered each other on as we both started businesses and made major life changes.  

One of the many gifts Krista brings to the world, is a one on one session that is a journey through your chakras and a special made mala that speaks to you stepping into your power. That is a short way of describing something more complex and transforming, but if you are intrigued, check her out here...


I had the opportunity to meet with Krista for this fun and exploratory session, and walked away with clarity and motivation. What stood out in this session was my inner-knowing that I can trust my momentum and allow things to unfold, rather than force what isn't ready. It was a notion of softening and surrendering. I found a deeper connection to my heart center, and acknowledged that as amazing as it is that I choose my partner every single day, it is time that I step up and choose myself everyday too! There were several moments that brought a sense of calm and peace washing over me, as I reconnected with a part of myself that was craving attention. 

Two weeks later, I received my mala. 

The four stones Krista chose for me:

Turquoise: protects and blesses the wearer; it is a truth stone that symbolizes the time to be honest with yoruself by attuning the physical to higher realms. It works at the throat chakra to enhance communication skills. This gem stone is a stone of self-realization helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions

Sunstone: is a powerful aid to bring joy and other positive feelings into your life. They have a strong solar energy, and they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun. As they awaken cosmic consciousness, this makes them strong stones for the more challenging times we are living in

Citrine: is a joyful stone of abundance and prosperity, but what may people don't know is that it also helps in assisting in self-love and the inner success of the soul on its journey. It is a stone of the solar plexus chakra and it increases, magnifies, and clarifies personal power and energy. 

Carenelian: gives you motivation and aids in clarifying your goals, aligning you with the best path for you by giving you courage and confidence to move forward. This stone aids in manifesting what it is that you require to move forward and aids you in making new clearer decisions once on that path.


I don't know how these stones have this power. I do know that language can distort reality, meaning gets lost in translation, and over-time messages get mixed. I make it a general practice to not believe (at least not initially) most things when I hear something stated as 'fact.' At the same time, I know that regardless of what the 'truth' is, when we believe (in) something, we give it power. I think our minds are much more powerful than we can generally comprehend. Because of this, I see 'beliefs' as a placebo pill. And some placebos I am more than happy to take.

If I know that it takes repetition to create positive change and momentum, I will believe in myself and bring reminders and inspiration into my life. If my mind will believe what ever I repeat most, it makes sense to set my goals and tell myself what I need to hear each morning. We create our reality by how we show up in life. This mala, reminds me of what I need to keep me in balance. I can choose a mantra daily that speaks to what my body and mind is asking for, and repeat it as I touch each bead. I am reminded to repeat what I want more of, and to stay grounded in my purpose. More than a pretty piece of jewellery, this mala anchors me in my direction of choice and reminds me how to cheer myself on. 

Thanks Krista for the amazing experience and beautiful mala. You are making positive waves in this world and I am thrilled to be on this journey with you. xoxox


***For more on the power of our beliefs - watch this TED talk about Stress, and how our belief about stress can alter the effects on our body and mind.