Reflect...Shift...Let Go...Grow

Things are shifting. I am shifting. I am opening. 

Things are evolving. My relationships are deepening, and some are dissolving. 

I hear there is a Super Moon making an appearance on Monday. While I am not an expert (or avid believer) in horoscopes, I have felt the energy shift when the moon gets up to irregular business. We are all energy. We are effected by energy....some more than others. I choose to believe that this Super Moon is an opportunity to clean out more old patterns by allowing this vibrant energy to sweep through my system and realign me with my unique power. Because of this belief, I plan to be mindful and reverent on Monday night as I meditate in this space and allow myself to be open to what comes up. I am looking forward to that. 

I continue to learn to let go and allow things to unfold, rather than forcing, pushing, and thinking my speed is the only way. My pain and struggles are not mine alone. When I listen, choose love and patience, and release rather than 'wish away' these stale patterns, I heal myself and I heal those around me. 

I am surrounded by people who light me up in different ways, who make me see what I have kept hidden for years, and who are supporting me in healing - and strengthening - what once felt broken. I am a work in progress, and through my daily diligent work, I am inspired even more to create this path of coaching, creating, and connecting. 

In the past several weeks I have met with many beautiful and inspiring people, all who are standing tall on their path and living a life of their own creation - or are deeply curious and invested to get there. Together we dove into conversations about learning and direction. Some of our paths are so aligned that collaborations are a must, while others I hold so much gratitude and excitement for, but know that collaborations aren't meant to happen just yet. Timing is everything. 

What shifts are you feeling? What are you noticing in your own mind, body, and relationships? What are you ready to release? What will you build in that space that you leave vacant? Who will you be without those stale patterns? Who are you? It's time to step into your power, and know that you do not need to do it alone. 

I am changed, altered, supported, and challenged by every person in my life, and I am so grateful for every relationship I have. You all know who you are. 

Here are a couple of the fun and mind-body expanding experiences coming up over the next couple of months....

Bend & Brunch at Craft

Sunday November 27

*10am Yoga (all levels welcome), followed by a delicious Brunch. Come for yoga, or both. This event fills up quick so click below to register. 


Word of the Year Workshop

Saturday December 10, 3-5pm, and Saturday January 14, 3-5pm

Support and inspiration to set goals for 2017 and choose one word as your elevating Intention that you put on canvas to take home. Always a popular event, and I would love to have you be a part of it. 


Collaborations and creations in process, stay tuned for more announcements and info coming soon xoxoxo