Limitless - one step further in the direction of growth and passion

On Saturday August 22, Kalea Mullett and I hosted our first collaborative workshop as part of our project we call "Seeds of Change". Joining our passions for health, yoga, growth, nature, nutrition, and community, Seeds of Change is our vehicle to create experiences for people to connect, move, learn, ask big questions, and set actions and goals to create the change they want to see in their life. 

'Limitless' was an opportunity for us to scratch the surface on some of the key concepts we live and love. We had a beautiful venue out in Springbank, a unique home with an open concept. The entire rooftop is a patio, with easy views in all directions, including the mountains that were clear and magical for us on Saturday night. 

As our attendees walked into the home they were greeted with smiles and hugs. A table of goodies on the main level of the house was prepared with healthy snacks, teas, and an envelope with each Guest's name on it to take upstairs.


Once on the rooftop, we began the workshop with 45 minutes of yoga. Pulling in wisdom from the cyclical nature of life and harnessing energy from metaphorical meaning derived from facing all four directions of a compass. Reminding our Guests that we are all in transition, we all move through phases, and change is not an upward trajectory but rather a cycle of ups and downs. 


We stayed on the rooftop for one more hour, catching the sunset and feeling the shift in the air. This second hour was dedicated to the four Pillars of Happiness and the four main Obstacles that get in our way. 

Through the four pillar of Happiness, I guided the group into seeing how a change of perspective can change your entire reality. Using the four pillars as a new lens to view our obstacles, the group took notes and little spurts of discussion and questions took center stage. At the conclusion of each Pillar, the group was prompted to set Goals and Actions as a tangible and action-oriented way to begin implementing these concepts into their life. The fourth pillar was about Positive Self-Talk and how we can all be our best inner-motivator. At this point, everyone had a few minutes to think about what they need to hear, what they need to tell themselves when the going gets tough, and what reminders are needed each day to continue pushing towards their best life. Everyone received a small blank canvas and had 30 minutes to write themselves a message using metallic markers and paint pens. Simplicity and embracing of imperfection are key to this exercise. 


The group then moved downstairs to the kitchen area where Kalea was set up to talk about the four Pillars of Health. She guided the group through a mindful "food-story" exercise to acknowledge how far we have come and where we each see room for growth towards optimal health. Using her vast knowledge about nature therapy, essential nutrients, and food creation, it's safe to say that everyone walked away learning something about nutrition and set clear actions to get the ball rolling this week. Each person then got to create their own unique herbal tea to name and take home.


The beautiful thing about this workshop is that it truly is only the beginning. Due to time restraints, we did not dive in deep to any one concept, but rather scratched the surface and left the group wanting more of what we have to offer.

The next Seeds of Change workshop will take place in October. We will dive in deeper, step further, and reach higher. This is a process that we want our community to come along with us. Each workshop and event will have a similar foundation but will leave room for growth so our community can come each time and continue to see progression and learn new things. 


A special thanks to our brave and bold first group. Kalea and I are honoured and excited to have you in our community and we look forward to the support and passion we will continue to elevate in each other. Much love xoxo