I know the feeling all too well. The ping of fear that triggers excuses, resistance, what-ifs, or second guessing, which ultimately can exhaust your system and cause quitting altogether. What once brought excitement and inspiration suddenly becomes a weight to be lifted off your back. Perhaps you also recognize the follow-up feeling of shame, regret, and disappointment in oneself, as you further the trend of quitting, letting fears dictate actions, or not honoring your own passions or balance. This vicious cycle adds another layer of exhaustion to an already uphill battle. 

Recognize fear for what it really is. Unless your life is physically in danger, embrace the fear. Change your perception of fear as "something to be avoided" into fear as "something to love because it carries your biggest learnings, growth, and possibilities". 

Nothing is black and white, nothings is simple, because we each are individuals with unique combinations of experience, beliefs, perceptions, and ideas. Take time to reflect, plan, play, set goals, be in action, and live your life with intention. xoxo