Happy Birthday to Me

I love celebrating. I celebrate big and small things on the daily. Life is too short to wait for things to happen or to let the days roll by without acknowledging the small-wins along the way.

I am a huge fan of setting Intentions, of reflecting on my past and allowing my thoughts and ideas to dictate my present and future. I not only manifest things into my life, but I am an active participant and instigator in all things that I truly care about. We learn as we struggle, we build strength by pushing past our limits, and we never fail if our goal is to grow and keep going!

On New Years eve, for the past 4 years, I have set a Word of the Year, rather than diving into the messiness and uninspiring format of new years resolutions. Goals and Intentions are most powerful when dictated by a core feeling, a desire for a certain kind of energy or loaded word that brings dozens of other words and images into your mind. So this year, for my 29th birthday, I have chosen a Word to push and carry me through my last year of being a 20-something. My word is....MOMENTUM!

It is true that the first step can be the hardest. I often say in spin class that the hardest part is just getting your ass in that studio and on that bike, all that's left is to keep moving and embrace the challenge. But there are no short-cuts in life and, to be honest, the act of persistence, momentum, consistency, and elevating your bench-mark is a battle all of its own.

Yes, getting started takes a lot of guts and courage. It requires letting go of fears, or embracing fears, and trusting that you have the strength and ability to show-up once you show-up! But as soon as you overcome that initial obstacle, the larger mountain appears within your view.

To me, Momentum reminds me to continue creating, putting myself out into the world, trying new things, sharing my story (my struggles and my successes), anchored to balance and purpose, telling myself what I need to hear moment by moment, and truly embracing the joy and beauty along the way. It is the small, incremental, and consistent steps in the direction I choose that will ultimately create huge growth. 

"It is good to have an End to journey towards, but it is the Journey that matters in the End" -Ernest Hemingway

Keep on shining bright beautiful people, and thanks for sharing your light and love with me. I am where I am, in body and mind, because of my support system. My people. My tribe. My community. My gamechangers. My loves. xoxox