Dear #gamechanger

*Letter sent to a client at the end of our time working together <3

Dear Game Changer,

The last four weeks have flown by and I am in awe of your resilience, passion, drive, and focus to achieve your goals and live your best life. 

My wish for you as you continue on your journey is to embrace your Growth Mindset in everything that you do. Love your struggle, love your ability to learn and grow, love witnessing your potential while fully embracing where you are now, and lead yourself with self-love while anchored to your purpose and passion. Continue with starting each day with Positive Self-Talk, as this is how you keep your Elephant in check. You are retraining your brain to be self-serving, to be an inner-motivator, to be focussed on positivity and self-love despite the ups and downs that you will naturally experience through life.

Surround yourself with people that uplift and support you, and let-go of the comments, gestures, or energy that is directed towards you in a negative way. When people give judgements and opinions from a place of jealousy or a lack of their own self-love, without asking questions to get a better understanding, this has little to do with you or what is actually going on. So let it go. You get to choose what you pay attention to, what you perceive, and how you react. Choose to rise above anything that could potentially drag you down. Remind yourself often that you are powerful, beautiful, unique, and full of endless potential.

Just be you. Be you because you are amazing, irreplaceable, and capable of creating things that no one else can. Lead by example, because you will leave a unique legacy in every interaction that you have. Support greatness in others, and allow yourself to be the #gamechanger that you are. Uphold this in your mindset, your attitudes, your beliefs, and remember that we all learn from experience, but only when we take the time to reflect and tell ourselves what we need to hear. 

Have an amazing summer and take time each day fill your mind with positive self-talk. Where your mind goes, energy flows, so fill your beautiful mind and body with the fuel it needs. 

Much love.

Xoxo Marin