Dear Client "drench in Self-Love"

**This is a letter I wrote to a recent client after 4 weeks of working together**


Dear you,

The past four weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ll tell you what stands out to me,


1.      Your beautiful, colorful, and inspiring notebook. You brought so much fun and exploration into your homework and you made that notebook into a piece of art.

2.      Your self-awareness and commitment to letting go of your past. You amazed me with each response you gave to any of my questions. Your level of awareness and ability to really dig in to access what is going on inside you is quite impressive.

3.      Your desire to be happy, and your work ethic to make it happen. You trusted the process, you did the work, you pushed through struggles, and you made time to reflect on your progress.


If I could wish anything for you it would be that you continue on this journey that you have started. Continue to let go of comparisons, embrace the growth mindset, push yourself outside your comfort zone, enjoy each moment for what it is, pursue your goals, and drench yourself in self-love. Recommit to this every day.

The work continues each day, with each breath, with each ebb and flow of life. Everything up to now has been practice, the warm-up for what is happening right now, in this moment. And this moment is practice for whatever is offered or presented in the future. Stay strong, stay committed to the practice, remind yourself consistently of how far you have come, and don’t forget to drench in self-love.

We all are capable of achieving moments of happiness, but it is the consistent and resilient happiness that is achieved through habit, trial and error, continual pursuit with effort and surrender, and consistently letting go of set-backs, stories, the past and our “expected” future”. Be present. Be open. Committed to Self-love, and ever receptive to learning and growing.

So vow to love yourself. Vow to stop chasing who you think you “should” be. Vow to let go of trying to look or be like someone else. Comparison is useless, because each person is unique and intrinsically incomparable. You are YOU, nobody has ever been like you, and nobody ever will be. Existence only creates originals, so embrace your uniqueness and spend your life embracing that versus trying to copy a surface blueprint of someone else, which is not the whole story of who they are anyways. The only thing that exists is your true authentic self, and that person is unlike anyone else. Imperfection is perfection. True beauty is realizing that your surface is one small part of the whole package. There is nothing more attractive than a beautiful person whose surface beauty isn’t what actually attracts you.

Thank you for being YOU. It has been an honour and a privilege to support you for a part of your journey, and I look forward to the future of the friendship we have built.

Much Love,  Marin xoxoxo