Love the Struggle

I am reminded this morning about the uncomfortable feelings that come along with being a beginner in something. I witness myself feeling anxious, antsy, nervous, and a little sick to my stomach as I prepare to teach my first ever Yoga class. It is quite a dance back and forth between excitement, confidence, gratitude and fear of judgement, fear of not being the best, and overall nervousness as I venture into the somewhat unknown. 

I have taken quite a few leaps into the unknown this year already. I quit my full-time job to focus on building this business. I started yoga teacher training and committed to the hours of practice it entails. I continually organize events/workshops without knowing if anyone will show up or be interested. So it is fair to say that I am getting used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

What I notice is that I still have the initial reactions of fear, stress, anxiety, but they don't mean as much as I used to allow them to mean. I see struggle as an opportunity to grow exponentially. I see fear as a landmark for something that will push me in ways that I need to be pushed. I perceive stress and anxiety as a slip in my thought patterns, and quickly revert myself back into Positive Self-Talk. I view unease and discomfort as temporary, as necessary experiences that will strengthen my resolve and resilience. 

My words of advice for anybody who reads this (or for myself when I reflect back on this in the future), Love The Struggle!!! Seek out experiences that challenge and push you, that shake things up from the usual routine. Allow yourself to sit in discomfort, learn from it, reflect on it, see the beauty within the obstacles. Life is too short and precious to simply go through the motions and avoid things that cause temporary unease. See the big picture. Pursue the life you want to create. And love every damn minute of it!