Good days and bad days

There is no way that every day can be the best day ever. There will be days that the struggle is real! There will be days that despite your understanding of the world around you and the workings of your body, you will find yourself being negative, filled with self doubt, and discouraged by set-backs. 

Today was one of those days for me. I woke up and did not have the usual burst of excited energy to be alive that I usually do. I dragged my feet through the morning and found myself in a cycle of negative self-talk. I know how important self-talk is, I know what I need to tell myself in order to get out of a rut, and I know what my body needs to feel good and have the fuel to get me through my day in the most powerful and productive way possible. But today, that wasn't enough to snap me out of it or change the reality I was in. Some days just take way more energy than others. 

So I did what I could. I acknowledged these feelings for what they are, I thanked my body for being so in tune with my surroundings and so fluid with the ability to let me know what I need. I created a mind-map with the focus on 'Letting Go' and filled a page with key words, reminders, and actions to get myself back on track. 

I practiced yoga at home, connected with my breath and moved my body. I cooked healthy and delicious food to set me up for the rest of the day. I reached out to a couple friends that are always amazing at offering support and reminding me of the beauty in life. I listened to my favorite music and danced around my apartment. I then went and taught a spin class, bringing health and inspiration to others always brings me back to a place of calm and contentment. 

A glass of wine, some mindful stretching, a documentary, and a good night's sleep is next on the agenda for tonight. Doing what I can to sit with my emotions today, not let them spiral out of control, and know that tomorrow is a new day - full of new challenges and small-wins. 

It is important to allow yourself to feel what ever you are feeling. Let yourself be upset, let yourself be sad, let yourself mourn the loss of something that was/is important to you. Feel it, learn from it, grow stronger because of it, and then let it go. 

Life is too precious to waste time sitting in worry or sadness. Acknowledge the ups and downs of life and then move on. Reconnect with your Purpose. Reconnect with the Why behind the work you are doing. Recommit to learning and growing. Remind yourself that your best days will feel that much sweeter because you have the contrast and memories of your "worst" days. 

Everyone struggles occasionally. Everyone loses sight of their goals from time to time. Everyone experiences heart break, loss, rejection, and failure. It is in the moments after these set-backs that truly defines the person you are and the life that you lead. Be resilient. Be proud of your scars. Be strong in your resolve. Know that you learn more from falling short of what you expect or want versus achieving the results you desire on the first shot. 

Life is this moment. It is what you choose to think about in the present. It is who you show up as moment after moment, despite how many times you fall or are knocked down. 

Remind yourself how amazing you are. Remind yourself what you need to do to get yourself back on track. Remind yourself why being positive and letting go of the past is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

You are what you repeatedly do, and your thoughts create your reality. Repetition and intentional positive self-talk are the key to creating the life you desire. What are you waiting for? Tell yourself what you need to hear.