FEAR: Face Everything And Rise

I love talking about fears. What holds you back? Why? Where does that come from? Where else does that show up in your life? What are you assuming? Where does that come from? These are big questions that start to get at the root of how much fear actually gets in the way of you living the life you want or are capable of. 

I lived in - and was driven by - fear for many years of my early adult life. I was terrified to make the "wrong" decision when it came to choosing a school program and pursuit of a career. I would think about the pros and cons of every decision and get stuck in the uncertainty, the "risk", and the time commitment. I felt like I was alone in my confusion and that everyone else was braver, wiser, and knew themselves better than I apparently knew myself. My fear of making the wrong decision spiraled into so many other areas of my life because I thought about it all the time. Where your mind goes, energy flows. 

I went through a lot of spiritual growth during my Philosophy degree and at one point realized that because I didn't believe in God, I also didn't believe in life after death, and suddenly became terrified of dying. I was physically ill for 24 hours and didn't leave my apartment for 3 days. I was not sure how I was going to keep on living after that, because I thought about death constantly. It is true what they say, what you think about - you become. 

Perhaps you have experienced this feeling of crippling fear as well. At the chemical level, Fear is a huge spurt of cortisol in the brain. Our bodies/brains/systems evolved through natural selection, and having cortisol flowing through played a huge role in keeping us alive. Cortisol spurts anytime there is something that threatens our safety, and it demands your attention more than any other chemical that we naturally create. In a world where food was scarce and danger was all around, cortisol kept the attention of our ancestors and prepared them for fight or flight on a regular basis. 

In the society we live in now, food is readily available and real danger is not a daily occurrence, but our bodies still have the same machinery that got us to where we are today. 

So, knowing that is one thing, but how do we change our relationship with fear so that we can acknowledge it, embrace it, yet not allow it to stop us in our tracks and confuse the shit out of us when we are trying to make decisions?? That is where the work is. And that is what we are going to tackle at the Fears Workshop on Wednesday May 20. 

I am a firm believer in everyone's ability to overcome absolutely anything that is not serving you well in your life. When you engage in the right questions that bring light to your habits, of action and thought, you can then come up with daily activities to talk yourself into a new habit that uplifts, empowers, energizes, and grows you towards a happier Self.  It is actually quite simple, but it is not easy. 

Email me at marinmccue@gmail.com to reserve your spot in this workshop. Fun workout on the Memorial stairs from 6-645pm, and then we sit down and get into the real work. 

$10 only. Make your first leap of faith, trust the process, try something new!