To believe or not believe....

Our thoughts create our reality. How we choose to perceive ourselves, our surroundings, our challenges and obstacles, are all framed with the words we choose. Our bodies react with hormones getting ready for pleasure, pain, sadness, joy, effort, relaxation, surrender, escape,  etc. So if you tell yourself you are not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, cool enough, not pretty enough, etc., your body believes it and reacts accordingly. 


"Our belief system affect our actions, goals, and perception. Individuals who come to believe they can effect change are more likely to accomplish what they set out to do. Bandura calls that conviction "self-efficacy." People with self-efficacy set their sights higher, try harder, persevere longer, and show more resilience in the face of failure." -- Tom & David Kelley, Creative Conifdence


If you are not happy with the results you are getting in your life, it's time to dig in and become aware of the Beliefs you have that are holding you back. What do you tell yourself when the going gets tough? What does your self-dialogue tell you when you hit a bump in the road of life? What do you believe about your abilities? What do you believe you are capable of?

Choose to believe the thoughts that give you energy, that connect you to empowering people around you. Choose to believe you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, and that you are capable of handling absolutely anything that life throws at you. Choose to believe that being uncomfortable is not something to avoid, but rather where Growth and Learning reside. Choose to believe that you can achieve any goal that you set and put effort towards, while realizing that you gain so much more along the journey versus just at the destination. What we focus on expands and gains power with each breath. We have the power to build ourselves into intentional and positive people, or to slowly break ourselves down, diminishing our own power by telling ourselves we are not capable of change. 

Where your mind goes, energy choose your thoughts wisely.