Growth Mindset

We all carry emotional baggage with us. Whether we are reacting to things in the moment that are less than ideal, or holding onto judgements, resentments, guilt, or sadness from past events that rocked us to our core; this emotional baggage weighs us down. Where does this come from? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why is it easier to pass judgement and compare ourselves to what we are not, versus loving ourselves whole-heartedly and choosing forgiveness as our first instinct?

To unpack things that weigh you down, you must practice "letting go". Your problems, stressors, guilt, expectations, plans, regrets, self-loathing, disapointments, resentments, they attach on like baggage until you consciously choose to let them go. Allow yourself to be just in this moment, just you and your breath. Accept where you are today and what it has taken to get here. Find the joy in the simplicity of just being present to what is right in front of you, and choose in each moment to let go and open yourself up to the world of possibilities and adventure that is constantly unfolding in front of you. Let go of that baggage, and watch as you begin to fill that newly vacant space with love, breath, possibility, joy, inspiration, and resilience. 

Something that has helped me along this path of self discovery and letting go, is to focus on strengthening my Growth Mindset. A Growth Mindset (vs Fixed Mindset) takes the pressure away and the goal is always attainable. The Growth Mindset reminds us that everything is a work in progress, it is about getting better vs the need to be good now, improving vs proving, developing skills vs demonstrating skills, me vs past me instead of me vs you. This mindset allows intimacy and vulnerability in pursuing the goals that inspire you, without possession or expectation overshadowing the beauty and growth that is the Journey.

What Mindset do you choose today?