Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

I am always learning. The more I commit to the journey and to allowing myself to falter and slip in order to ensure I am leaning in wholeheartedly, the more I grow. This past month has been another big step forward as I recognize the preference pattern of saying YES because I can, before taking time to align with my core values and check in with my balance. I have a tendency to get excited and swept up by a challenge that intrigues my interest. I say Yes even when I know that my balance is at stake, simply because I love to support, I love to collaborate, and I love to grow. But as you all know, too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. 

My latest venture has been the beginning phases of planning to open a Yoga and Wellness studio in 2016. This makes me uber excited. It is a huge undertaking but something I know I will succeed at. However, I also love teaching spin, I love teaching yoga, I love practicing yoga on my own, I love coaching clients, I love creating and hosting events, I love having time available to collaborate and piggy-back on other amazing people's ideas and events, I love to read and write, and I love having me-time to do whatever I want. 

My core values are Fun, Sweat, Inspire, Learn, and Create....and I think the universal core values we all share is Balance. When I put my ego aside, when I set aside what I am capable of and get more clear on what I actually want, it becomes clear that opening and managing a full studio space does not align with what I want for my life. I could do it, I could run that full marathon, I could go full vegan, I could travel the world, I could...I could...I could.....but that doesn't mean that is what I "should" do. I get to choose. I create my own life. I dictate the path and edit along as I go. 

My original vision for a yoga studio space was to set it up in a way that everyone involved manages themselves. I want space to practice and teach and host workshops, and I want to be someone that supports others like me to take on their own space and build their community and clientele. So, I am realigning with that original vision and scaling down from where that momentum and excited energy carried me. 

I love exploring the possibilities and feeling for the edges of the extremes before I can truly settle and realign in the middle. I am committed to balance. I have a deep rooted desire to have space to continue learning and growing and to become the best coach, motivator, and yogi that I can be, and sometimes that will mean saying No to things that could be beautiful. Just because I can, doesn't mean I should. Amazing lesson to re-learn at the start of a new year ;)