The Four Pillars of Stress Resiliency - 8 week Program

An 8 week program to a calmer, wiser and more disciplined YOU. Gift yourself the opportunity to slow down, retrain your Nervous System, reduce chronic stress, and optimize your mental health.

This program is for anyone who feels like a slave to their patterns, habits or triggered reactions. When you learn why and how to slow down your thoughts, your breath and your brain waves, you get access to a reservoir of high quality space and energy. With that space and energy, clear direction and accountability, you can create any change you desire. Dive into this 8 week program and watch the world around you change.

—> Program starts mid October 13. Reach out now with inquires or to reserve your spot!

—> Program includes:

  • booklet to work through over 8 weeks

  • group zoom call bi-weekly (4 calls)

  • coaching video with instruction bi-weekly (4 videos)

Investment: $840