21 Day Challenge


21 Day Challenge


Discipline + Clear Direction + Space and Energy for Action = Unstoppable

I want you to experience the freedom and contentment I experience on a daily basis. I didn't always feel this way. This is a state I have learned and developed through trial and error, practice, and a whole lot of deliberate re-training. 

This 21 day challenge serves to guide you to the first step in any change process. A commitment to 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening to PAUSE, CHECK IN, and REDIRECT. You can't control a lot in life, but you certainly can control a lot more than you may realize. 

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Welcome to the dope(a)me discipline:

“Sometimes people confuse discipline with ‘no freedom,’ but consider that discipline in the practice frees you from default thoughts and habits dominating your life. Through discipline, you are given a freedom in body and being, a freedom to choose  the direction of your life consciously and harness your energies to fulfill it”  - Baron Baptiste (Perfectly Imperfect)


You know what you need or want more of. When you stop to think about the habits or patterns that are getting in the way of your progress, you can list them out no problem. When asked what gets in your way, 9 times out of 10 you respond with “myself.” There is no shortage of information out there detailing what a healthy and balanced lifestyle looks like. Yet, if change were easy and if we actually did what we know we needed to do, you would be feeling content, grounded and full of inspiration on a daily basis, and the shame, guilt and exhaustion you currently deal with would be a tale of your past.

This 21 day challenge is for YOU! This is a simple formula to follow in order to create and conserve the high quality energy you desire for your life. This program serves to support you in staying focused on what you truly want for yourself and others, while building the foundational habits and knowledge to sustain the trajectory towards the success and growth you seek.


This challenge is simple. Everyday, you carve out two minutes in your morning and two minutes in your evening, dedicated to connecting, moving, and writing. Just TWO MINUTES!



Connection is eyes closed, full body breaths, relative stillness (seated or laying down) and a witnessing mind that is simply being with the sensation of a body being breathed. It is not a time of assessing whether you like or dislike what you are noticing. This is a practice of neutrality. Observation without judgement. Get connected with what you are feeling and get curious as you hold space for what you notice and watch it move.

In those 30 seconds of connection, you will notice where you are on the Window of Tolerance spectrum (between Hypoarousal and Hyperarousal), and make note of it on your worksheet for that day.

Movement is a deliberate response to where you are on that Window of Tolerance spectrum.

When in Hyperarousal: Bow your head, fold your body, move in ways that you would not move if you were actually in physical danger. Focus on your feet and a solid connection to the earth; get grounded. Soothing and rhythmic movements with your breath.

When in Hypoarousal: Hold your Power Pose and notice what it feels like. Try tapping your body with your finger tips to activate sensation on your skin. Get activated! Jump, shake, dance. Get your body moving with some FIRE.

Pen to Paper is your opportunity to spend 30 seconds to land on your intention for the day. What do you want more of today? How do you want to show up? What are you in the practice of? Perhaps referring back to the reflection questions you responded to above and use your introspective awareness to be your guide towards what you want more of each day.

“Today I choose_______” (insert high quality emotion or concept/quality here).

By giving your mind that positive directive while in an open and receptive state, it plants that seed deeper. You are either nourishing seeds, weeds or whatever else you currently have in the garden of your mind. 95% of what you think today, you also thought yesterday. The more you deliberately choose your thoughts, the more likely you are to change your habits/patterns and notice positive shifts in your self-talk.


We can feel motivated and inspired one moment and yet lose our steam within minutes, especially when we are in a habit of draining our own energy with negative self talk, over-analyzing, and the deflating mindset that appears when we start and stop more than we successfully complete what we set out to do. Don’t hate your monkey mind, don’t berate your inner-child for throwing tantrums, and definitely do not fall into shame or guilt when you see that you are not perfect. Embrace who and where you are, and focus on creating space, because that is where healing and sustainable change occurs.

We need to love ourselves up and work with our animalistic mind that happens to be at the wheel more than our more pragmatic and delayed-gratification seeking conscious mind.

Join me for this 21 day challenge and you will have the foundational building blocks in place for any goal and direction you desire!