21 Day Challenge

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21 Day Challenge


Discipline + Clear Direction + Space and Energy for Action = Unstoppable

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I want you to experience the freedom and contentment I experience on a daily basis. I didn't always feel this way. This is a state I have learned and developed through trial and error, practice, and a whole lot of deliberate re-training. 

This 21 day challenge serves to guide you to the first step in any change process. One of the main reasons why we struggle with creating new healthy routines and habits, is because we try to make bold leaps and bounds instead of trust the power of setting the bar low ;). A morning routine is a perfect way to create the space and energy you desire for the change you seek. And all you need is two minutes!

A commitment to 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening to PAUSE, CHECK IN, and REDIRECT. You can't control a lot in life, but you certainly can control a lot more than you may realize. 

WHAT’S INCLUDED in this package?

  • 21 day challenge booklet (details of three steps for morning and evening, weekly reflection questions, list of basic biological needs and pie chart to assess what’s needed each week)

  • Videos of what to expect, walk through of the booklet, my why, and detailed example of what the morning and evening routine looks like

  • Night Time Meditation Audio

  • Daily emails with reminders, inspiration and resources

Here are what a couple past participants in this challenge have to say about it:

“I've been stagnant for a long time so I thought I would give Marin’s 21 day challenge a try. What did I have to lose? First of all, she helped get my goals past the step of a checklist of chores. Through several prompts and questions, I became more clear on the benefit and process of looking at what areas of my life need strengthening.  21 days goes by fast, now the hard work begins to make these changes a daily practice.” 

“I will be honest in saying that I have missed a few days of writing. However, I still think about it each day and I love the daily inspiration and daily emails and writing prompts. This is a challenge that I will repeat many times! This is my favorite challenge so far because it is short (couple mins in the am and pm) and a is a little shot of happy and reflecting every day. Love love love!”


*This 21 day challenge begins whenever you decide to make the purchase! Options available for groups or businesses that want to do this collectively as a community. Reach out to request a group option, which can include a personalized message at the beginning and end, as well as zoom calls or an accountability system that serves the needs of your group.

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Welcome to the dope(a)me discipline:

“Sometimes people confuse discipline with ‘no freedom,’ but consider that discipline in the practice frees you from default thoughts and habits dominating your life. Through discipline, you are given a freedom in body and being, a freedom to choose the direction of your life consciously and harness your energies to fulfill it” - Baron Baptiste, Perfectly Imperfect


You know what you need or want more of. When you stop to think about the habits or patterns that are getting in the way of your progress, you can list them out no problem. When asked what gets in your way, 9 times out of 10 you respond with “myself.” There is no shortage of information out there detailing what a healthy and balanced lifestyle looks like. Yet, if change were easy and if we actually did what we know we needed to do, you would be feeling content, grounded and full of inspiration on a daily basis, and the shame, guilt and exhaustion you currently deal with would be a tale of your past.

This 21 day challenge is for YOU! This is a simple formula to follow in order to create and conserve the high quality energy you desire for your life. This program serves to support you in staying focused on what you truly want for yourself and others, while building the foundational habits and knowledge to sustain the trajectory towards the success and growth you seek.